Tony Parker doesn’t know how to contend for a title without a healthy Tim Duncan


The negatives that come with writing about a team which failed to progress as far in the playoffs as you planned center around the lack of inspiration for writing. The trade scenarios are limited, cap space for a free agent is sparse, and the team has a bad pick in a worse draft. Oh, and we may not start the season on time in the fall.

Instead, we’re left with using various quotes from many of the San Antonio Spurs as fertilizer for content over a long summer.

This post is no different.

Translations travelled around the internet on Wednesday of Tony Parker offering his opinion that the Spurs are no longer contenders for the NBA championship. He said that he stated at the beginning of the season he thought this would be their last year as contenders. But with the aging process taking its toll on Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, and the NBAs young teams getting better, Parker no longer sees San Antonio as contenders.

Personally, Parker’s quote doesn’t surprise me. For one, I was there on media day when he said that this past season was their last shot at a title. For him to say otherwise now would undermine the honesty he’s shown publicly.

I can see people wanting him to lie and say something to the effect of if Timmy’s got a pulse, we’ve got a shot. Not me, though. I appreciate him saying what he truly believes, for better or worse.

Parker’s not saying he won’t go out and play hard next season. He didn’t say that the Spurs wouldn’t do their damnedest to to try and win a title. He simply said that they’re good, but not good enough at this point. You can’t consider his Spurs — a team that’s won 16 playoff games since they last won a title in 2007 (with nine of those wins coming in 2008) — contenders for next year’s NBA title.

Parker entered the NBA in 2001 when Duncan had already won an NBA Finals and was nearing the height of his powers. Parker won three championships since with Duncan serving as the focal point of the team, both offensively and defensively.

You can forgive Parker for not thinking of the Spurs as contenders with Duncan getting older. As far as Parker has experienced, the only way he’s ever won a title is with Duncan as the main cog. Tony Parker knows nothing else.

TP has yet to see a way that the Spurs have challenged for an NBA title without Duncan close to his dominating prime. And as Parker watches Duncan deteriorate physically game after game and season after season, the championship window in his head shuts and locks; the blinds lowered, curtains drawn closed. All that’s left is to turn out the light.

(H/T to Bruno at SpursTalk for the translation of the interview)

  • Bankshot21

    I just hate the doom and gloom. Tim was healthy. Let’s just get him some front court relief and that’s that.

  • ProjectGSX

     This really should not surprise anyone.  And, unfortunately, its true.  The Spurs are done in their current form.  Sure, I fully expect this team to come back next year and win 50+ games and make the playoffs, but they wont be true title contenders.  Tim is ’99 DRob now.

    On a side note, the end of the era for the Spurs has me really sour about how 2006 turned out.  That foul on Dirk is killing me lately.

    Still, it was a great run and we have four trophies to show for it.  Not too shabby.

  • MSteele_in_Éire

    Our role players are alright but not enough to make up for what our big 3 are lacking. A fourth ‘star’ is necessary for us to contend, if not then I forsee what went down this year, going down next year. Tim deserves every penny he’s getting this year, but if we want to contend we need him to re-negotiate his contract.
    Kenyon Martin, Tayshaun Prince, Kirilenko, David West, Caron Butler, Jeff Foster, Mbah a Moute, Earl Clark, Jason Richardson, Carl Landry… etc. are all players that are free agents this year. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that any of these guys might come to San Antonio. If Tim could re work his contract to make next year easier on Holt’s wallet then he might be more willing to open his cheque book.

  • hemisfair89

    ahhh that foul by Manu.  That really could have been the difference with the Spurs not only going back to back, but a three-peat.  It hurts a lot.  And to think that was already 5 summers ago!!? All good things must come to an end……. 

  • Bob

    I still think Tim can dominate most 4’s. It’s bigger and longer players that have given him problems. I think he can be more productive if they play him next to legitimate size. That way he doesn’t have to cover the 4/5 on defense.

  • DorieStreet

    Some good candidates there except for Kenyon Martin. In his last 6 seasons, he has played 60 games or more just twice (2007-08, 2008-09). His totals have gone from 71 down to just 48 this past season. 

  • Sam

    I like Prince, Mbah a Moute, and Carl Landry. I think Carl Landry could help us the most though. Also Tim doesn’t have to necessarily rework his contract unless we want two free agents because with Mcdyess’ contract coming of the books (God bless his soul lol) thats about 5.5 million free cap space with Quinn and Novak also coming off the books.

  • Rob

    Wow.  Simply Wow.  Does this mean that Tony would be supportive in a move that traded him to another team that he thinks could be championship material…or does it mean that Tony feels he isn’t premier enough to carry a team?

    The title suggests fact more so than question.  Then the explanation of it all suggests it’s OK by Tony to feel that way.  Which leads me to believe…he’s “wanting” to go somewhere else.  Which could be mutual by all parties involved.  So be it…as long as the Spurs get mutual and beneficial talent in return.

  • Rob

     I’ve posted it before…but ensue of this article I think it’s what Tony would be agreeable upon and help the Spurs at the same time.

    With another “top” center to play with again, Parker wouldn’t have to be “the man” as explanatory (or described in the title) have to be in his career.

    Then using Jefferson and a couple of it’s somewhat effective role players…the Spurs might be able to land via trade again a “starting” PF that Pop has admitted to in his E-N interview to needing.

    This of course IF Butler will come back as a top rated SF as he was projected to be in college before his injury or the Spurs can land one of the multitude of quality SF’s available in free agency this year.

  • Len

    The Spurs need to get tougher, mentally and physically.  I can live with Timmy and Manu getting older (as if I had a choice) but when the team and coach make mental mistake after mental mistake…..San Antonio we have a problem. 

  • Adcollective

    i think what’s happened in the next rounds has shown that the spurs defeat in round 1 didn’t mean much.  basically, pop made the big, big mistake of playing manu in the last meaningless game.  manu gets hurt, sits out one close game, isn’t full speed for the rest, game over.  but as the next round showed, the griz are really, really good, just about as good as the thunder (who easily took care of a very good nuggets team).  so, transitive property, the healthy spurs could have gotten past thunder, and perhaps dallas, too.  i’m just not sure why folk aren’t harping on this more, because manu is clearly the spurs most important player at this point.

    also, pop’s playoff rotations were just silly.  i’m not one of the pop haters, but the stats guys all recognized what pop didn’t (he was playing the wrong guys).  

    so it may be done, given pop’s issues with who he plays when.  but the spurs were a lot closer this year than going down to the eight seed would normally suggest.

  • Daniel T

    As I understand it, the Spurs are currently over $11M over the cap.   Even if they clear out McDyess’ $5M and some minor salaries like Quinn and Novak, Tim would have to take a huge cut to get them far enough under the cap for the Spurs to be able to offer any more than the mid-leve exception (assuming the new CBA rules were anything similar).  The cut would mainly save luxury tax, but doesn’t seem like it otherwise allows the Spurs to offer anything more than they could.  Should Tim be asked to take a cut for the sole reason that signing a $6M free agent won’t cost the team $12M after the luxury tax?  I could see taking a cut if it allows the team to sign a $12M free agent, but not if it doesn’t change the max they can offer. 

  • Jamm66

    ’99 DRob was still pretty good… I’d say Tim’s closer to an ’02 or ’03 Robinson…  

    Unless they can get a ’99 Tim, I don’t see them competing either… I hope I’m wrong but the league now belongs to the young guys

  • MSteele_in_Éire

    I honestly do not have a clue were you got your idea from but I have read no where that Tony wants/is thinking/has even contemplated playing outside of SA. The title is pure misdirection because, forgive me if I’m wrong, Tony never uttered the phrase ‘The Spurs aren’t contenders anymore’. What he said about this being Tim’s last real year, I get that, but he never once insinuated that he wanted to leave, he merely said that the team as it is, had its last real chance this past year.

    I would like the trade above because I think Paul is actually quite a loyal player and if he was convinced that we would put talent around him, he would sign an extension but I just don’t think NOH agrees to it. They aren’t getting enough back and they aren’t getting rid of Okafor’s contract. Like always when your dealing a franchise player, you’re looking to get cap space, a young player with good potential and some good picks. They aren’t really getting any of that and that’s why they wouldn’t trade with us.

  • LegacyDriver

    TP needs to STFU considering he cost us Game 1 wirh his two ill-advised clanks in the final 1:30. Moron.

  • Rob

     Regarding Parker’s “comments”…it was aired on a local TV sports cast that no one knows why Tony would say anything the way he said it in public.  Management (Spurs) even released a statement questioning Tony’s comments.  And it could have been a slip…but it sounds more like an attempt by a player to get the ball rolling on getting traded.

    Regarding the trade…yeah, I didn’t mention trade picks by both Orlando and San Antonio being included to New Orleans, but if both were to give up a 1st or early 2nd round pick a piece (or combination of), that gives N.O. a really good PG and a solid front line for the same amount they were paying just one player.  Plus a stock of picks for the future.  Okafur’s contract is not that bad.  However the Hornets probably will be loosing Landry to free agency and Bass gives N.O. a notable b/u to West if West decides not to exercise his ETO

  • MSteele_in_Éire

    I haven’t seen Da’Sean Butler play alot (Just youtube), so I’d like to know is he a legit 6’7? What’s his game like: midrange, long range, attack the rim, can do a bit of it all? Is he a ball handler or a catch and shoot guy? I seen him make (a lot of) game winners on youtube but will his game translate to the NBA or not? Seen him force a TO then hit a 3 to win the game which looked really impressive.
    Another thing is I wouldn’t mind trading Hill for a pure backup PG. One of the main reasons for our failure against Memphis was TOs and IMO lack of play calling. Basically we’ve got 2 ballhandlers/creators (Manu & Tony), and George has potential and he is most beneficial when he is scoring but too many times when he plays he just goes into a passive mode. If he’s not gonna play aggressive then I’d rather an Eric Maynor type of player who just comes in and facilitates. He’s a natural PG who just understands the PG position a lot better than George. A guy like this could come in and take the pressure of Tony or Manu to make all the plays. Then it might also get a guy like RJ more involved than with a Tony/George type player. Not saying we should just dump George cause when he’s aggressive he looks like a damn good player, just something we should look in to.

  • Nima K.

    Here’s an idea about Tony I’ve been thinning about:

    We clearly need a big for this team. Right?

    Miami is in need of a point guard. Right?

    Tony is our best asset.

    Its too early to call, but i suspect that Chris Bosh doesn’t seem to fit the Miami Heat mold. He’s not clicking well with LJ and DW.

    Their salaries are near.

    Why not trade them?

    We have the luxury of having De Colo being brought in. He may not be as good as Tony, but our biggest weakness will be adressed.


  • Easy B

    You can’t read too much into a couple of sentences, but hopefully TP’s message will get through to management: The spurs are out of the mix now, and prettying up their roster to make it seem otherwise would be too do diservice to everything the franchise has represented these past 12 or more years. I don’t think TP necessarily wants to leave, but clearly he recognises this is a young-ish man’s game, and even he has only 2-3 years to lead a team to victory again. 

    We all enjoyed the regular season, but there was a sense of simply trying to maintain after January, as if we couldn’t go higher, so at least try to stay at that level. You simply cannot have massive success in the playoffs without either some sort of presence down low, or a mighty defensive backcourt: that is an undeniable fact found throughout the annals of NBA history.

    I suggest the spurs consider trading TP, but only for an Eastern Playoff team, as that will be the best case scenario for two parties that will reunite when TP’s number gets retired in SA at the end of his career.

    If Billups is healthy, I would do that trade….include Bonner to make salaries work and get a good cheap rookie in return. The benefits for SA would be two fold: Cap relief after Timmy and Manu finish up, and a pure Point for one more shot. Obviously that trade wouldn’t get us back there, but perhaps a Jefferson and parts trade could net Elton Brand, who although short, oldish, and no where near the player he was, CAN BANG and cover for the loss of Dice. Of course we lose TP’s scoring, floor running and ability to get to the rim, but that was largely negated in the playoffs due to the lack of inside threats.

    After these Veterans get a final chance to have a go, we still have Timmy and Manu to bring the youth movement through. We will likely have 2 playoff-less years before a squad is capable of rising again. TP will suffer if we don’t get him better targets down low, and unfortunately, Tiago and DeJuan aren’t capable of filling Timmy’s shoes.

    Having said all that, I like the overall health of the club in the talent they have brought through. George has overperformed massively, as has 57th pick Blair, as has Bonner and Neal and Green. Tiago will be an important player on a good team – just not a go-to guy. So we have pieces. We don’t have All-stars coming into their prime, so we can’t get big talent in trades – fact. What we can get is flickering embers of great players and the cap relief in 2-3 years to keep all us fans excited continuously, through playoff disappointments and rebuilding periods.

  • Easy B

    I like reading everyone’s comments, but really it is time some of the poster’s wake up a little. We will not get Howard, Paul, Williams et al. Howard would require something like half our roster – won’t happen. Paul is more likely to go to Orlando than here. But really…..we are a small market team….what we need to do is build through the draft and through savvy trades for youth and talent. If you can’t win it all, you should be looking at what will make you grow as a team next year. Jefferson did not equal alot of growth, though I give him this: his acceptance of not having a defined role allowed Neal and HIll to have the years that they did. I would love to keep those two off the bench. If we can’t trade TP though, I think we should strongly consider finding some value for George. I am sure he would be wildly appreciated on a team with a big backcourt, but lacking mobility. 

  • BigJ

    Where is the big surprise here.  We are simply fans where these guys dress up and down each day in their job and wear like a badge or like a sack of bricks.  TP’s disappointment has to be heavy. 

    Manu elbow injury coupled with the last two weeks of the season was the death knell to the Spurs.  Their needs are obvious and Buford magic is needed to pull it off.  As far as personnel moves go it’s pretty steep.  Tim should definitely re-do his contract.  RJ must be moved.  It’s relatively unsure if Tiago has a step up?  And one has to wonder if TP and G Hill are best on the team together? 

    I continue to contend that Manu is the heart beat of the team.  I don’t know where the Spurs go with out his extended brilliance.  Factor in off season international play from a 1/3 of this roster and next season is at best an up hill battle.

  • username

    I was completely convinced at the end of last year that the Spurs weren’t contenders anymore, mainly because Jefferson sucked and we were stuck with him.  Then he played so well to begin the year for just long enough that I finally let my guard down and let him trick me into believing they were still contenders.  It felt like the precise instant I started to believe his good play was not an aberration was when he started sucking again.

  • TD THE G.O.A.T.

    This infuriates to no end I understand what TP is saying is probably true, but as a life long Spurs fan I feel that Tim Duncan said it best when asked how long he will continue playing his response: “Until the Wheels Fall Off”, that is the type of answer a Spurs fan is looking for. That being said Tim Duncan has givien his all from the moment his Adidas hit the hardwood and for Tony Parker to so non-challantly put a nail in the coffin of the Spurs is blasphemy to me. So TP either committ in both on the court and buy into a 5th championship if not pack your bags because you quitter talk doesn’t exist in San Antonio. The Spurs NEED TP to stay and go off like he used to instead of disappearing the whole series except for a few flashes of greatness. Long Story Short Timmy will go to work just like every year despite declining numbers which are a direct corallation to his decling minutes, Manu will give everything because that is what he does, TP hopefully will return to All star form, george hill wont get caught in the headlights and pray to god jefferson grows a sack and drive sthe damn ball. The 3 saviors i see for us to get #5 will be of course Pop being a genius , Gary Neil being fearless, and most importantly for Tiago Splitter to Unleash the Beast and I am sure a summer under Timmy’s Wing will do it. GO SPURS GO!!!! for all the non bandwagoners of the Spurs  rest aasured that Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili will play themselves to death for us night in and night out I hope Tony Does the Same. IN TIMMY WE TRUST

  • Demdamndems

    I remember when I was about 10 years old nestle crunch made these bars celebrating past NBA champs. I must have eaten 100 of these suckers waiting to finally get a spurs one. Little did I realize that I could buy 1,000,000 of them and I would never get one. It wasn’t until Timmy was on the scene that the spurs finally got a ring. He has given his all for This franchise just like the admiral before him. My point is that no one can question Tim’s heart or will. But his body just doesn’t do what his heart wants too. We can all see it. And it seemed that pop realizes it as well hence the diminished minutes. If Tim wants another championship, he will have to restructure his contract. There is a desperate need for not just 1 but 2 big men. I’d even take a Guy like Thabeet at this point. I don’t like the idea of trading Parker because he’s a championship player and still young enough to be around for the next couple of years. I love manu to death but he is certainly on the decline. You can’t be amazing man forever.

  • Hurm66

     Totally agree. Surprised how much he isn’t getting blamed for costing us Game 1 of the that series. Honestly I believe if we win Game 1 as we should have, we’d be playing the Mavs now. TP cost us that game.

  • Hurm66

    I’m a little surprised by how much people are ready to bury these Spurs. They had a great season that ended badly because the team we went against presented some match up issues.

    More importantly – Memphis carefully scouted the Spurs all season. It took TP three whole games to figure out how to play against Conley and when he did, he had relatively little trouble putting up points and being effective. Thing is – TP cost us Game 1 with his late game brick.

    Pop also got outcoached. Simple as that. On the road – down a whole bunch in Game 6 and they battle back and take the lead late in the game with Dice’s jumper. Grizzlies call timeout and you know they’re going to run a play for Randolph. What do you do? Make it a difficult entry pass and throw everyone at him and force Sam Young or anyone else to beat you.

    Then Duncan missed a cutting TP on the next play and you could sense it’s was almost over. Nice play actually if the pass had been on target, but really – the ball should have been in Manu’s hands.

    RJ was at least rebounding in some of the early games, but in Game 6 he simply checked out. The guy is a space cadet.

    Tim still had a very solid PER this season – he is still very effective on the court, but he can no longer compensate for glaring needs at the 5. We need a center, a true center who can block shots, bang and rebound a bit. Nothing super duper. As great as Tim has been over the years, Robinson, Nesterovic, Nazr were all serviceable co-pilots in the paint. Oberto was alright too for that particular team.

    Spurs have to make a tough choice now. I believe they know NY would trade Billups for TP and Bonner right now. Then forget Tim’s current deal – it’s after next season when suddenly the Spurs shed $35 million (TD $21 / Billups $14). The latest CBA deal suggests that the new cap will be eased in so the Spurs will have a window to use this money.

    NY would do it because they are not getting under the cap even with Billups off the books and CP3 know that Carmelo and Amare (with his uninsured contract) are locker room cancers.

    In this economy, would you be willing to be the best of the West and go to SA if your can team up with CP3 and Howard? Are the role players going to be enough to entice you? Blair. Hill. Neal. Splitter. An aging but willing and coming off the bench Manu and TD (at a reduced cost going for ring number five).

    I think it’s a fairy tale, but you have to go where the money is and they have a chance to get so far under that they can do something. Will they take it or would they want the bright lights?

    It’s a gamble and when Jason Kidd spurned us years ago, it scared them into thinking that free agents might not want to go to SA.

    The Spurs have to act fast because Pat Riley will certainly offer Bosh and pieces to the Magic at the trade deadline for Howard. Think about it – he’s always been about being a big man team. Kareem. Ewing. Mourning. Shaq. He traded tons for the latter two players, including a soft-ish lefty power forward who was with the team only one season. Bosh is gone regardless.

    If your Otis Smith (GM of the Magic) there are only a few choices: Blake Griffin (not happening), Noah and pieces (maybe) or Bosh and pieces (the latter two are locked up in long term deals and still in their prime). Durant isn’t going anywhere. And he doesn’t want Bynum, who is both frail and an idiot.

    Howard can be had but you have to be willing to take back a toxic deal – Turk or Arenas. I believe the Spurs would balk at that.

    Lastly don’t forget Nash has an expiring deal too and the Suns will move him at the deadline for cheap so his loyalty can be rewarded with one final quest for a ring. To an Eastern Conference team. Like the Heat perhaps. Who would then use up his expiring to chase a discounted PG who would be a free agent. Like that guy in New Orleans. Riley’s dream team is Howard, Udonis, LBJ, Wade and CP3. Sounds crazy right? Riley got all three this year – with a DISCOUNT! Don’t underestimate him.

    The Spurs have to roll the dice or take the scenic route to rebuilding. Either way, they’ve given us a great journey – and I believe they have at least one more run in them.

  • este

    If anyone has followed Parker throughout his career he has often failed to use good judgment when making comments to the media. I recall a big fallout about things he said when the Spurs flirted with Jason Kidd. I can only guess it has to do with growing up in France not understanding how the media here tend to blow everything out of proportion.

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  • Rob

     Great post and agree with almost all of it but this…”and I believe they have at least one more run in them.”

    That may be true.  But how successful a run is the question.  Not if things stay the same.  Their weakness in the post was clearly exposed.  As you said…”The Spurs have to roll the dice or take the scenic route to rebuilding.”

  • Titletown99030507d

     I like  Kirilenko but he would have to take way less than the last contract he got being 30 years old..  He’s a scorer. By the way if Sean Elliot succeeded in Pop’s system than what’s the difference between Sean and RJ? Let me answer that. Would it be that Sean created his shots or went to the rim a lot better than RJ? Can  Kirilenko do the same even though he’s a pure shooter in my opinion?

  • Titletown99030507d

    Manu cost us a playoff series with the Dirk foul in 06′. I’m not complaining anymore. Manu has done more good than bad ever since and now you think Tony will do worse for the remainder of his career. I don’t think so. Manu has not gotten an MVP finals but Tony has. (Although I felt 05′ was Manu’s to take home, but I wasn’t one of the voters) Trying to say is you can’t determine the rest of his career on 1 playoff game. Parker is still one of the best PG in the league. There’s about 20 or so teams that would love to have him. So either you get someone like CP3 or DWill or you just don’t get any good trade value back. And if your going to move him for a big other than DH (won’t happen anyway) your just loosing the best PG the Spurs have at this point. GHill can’t run this team and don’t expect Manu to do it. You need a real PG. So trading him will actually hurt. This is where in lies the dilemma. 

  • Titletown99030507d

    No. You’ll just be giving the Heat a straight ticket to that finals trophy.  

  • Titletown99030507d

    Yeah we do this trade and you’ll really see how many people really like Tony and wouldn’t want him to leave. 

  • Titletown99030607d

    No one is going to fill Timmy’s shoes that can come here now. So you better off playing the shit of Splitter and he getting a hell of lot better including his free throws. It’s called playing time! Give him 28 minutes a game every game and Timmy can have the other  20 minutes at center. So both Splitter and Timmy should Split minutes at the 5. What we need do is get an extra big (a 4) as well by packaging some of these guys (GHill, Blair, and Bonner). The quality big will be determined by what we can give in exchange and value to equal out in contracts. Don’t know if there’s anything out there teams are willing to part with. Oden maybe?

  • Titletown99030507d

     If Riley wants to let Bosh go than give them RJ, Bonner, and Dyess’s contract, they’ll free up even more money with Dyess expiring contract and they’ll be getting a legit 3 pointer shooter in Bonner and RJ  to back up Lebron. Long stretch but anything can happen. And if we can acquire Battier with the mid level exception then we have a few good pieces without giving up any significant ones.

  • Sam

     Obviously Tony wants out so would a sign and trade with Portland work out? Dejuan Blair and Tony Parker for Andre Miller, Nicolas Batum, and Greg Oden. Thoughts?

  • Bruno

     Good trade to us, but Portland wouldn’t like

  • Bruno

     Spurs need at least one of these : D.West, G.Oden, Varejão, Tyshaun Prince. 
    Draft a good SF or PF/Center. Sign Richards, trade Bonner/Dice/Quinn/RJ.

  • Kesse_krazy


  • Tim in Surrey

     Yeah, he’s 6’7″. He wasn’t invited to last year’s NBA draft combine, so there aren’t any official measurements, but he’s certainly long and strong for the SF position. He’s not so much a pure shooter as much as simply an effective one, but that’s definitely his game. More a midrange shooter than a long-distance one, although he can make those. He wasn’t terribly athletic, even before the ACL tear, so I don’t think you’ll commonly see the word “slashing” used to describe his movements. He is very smart and a good passer, but not so much the point forward type. At times he reminded me of a less explosive Michael Finley, but the more I think about it the more he reminds me of Rodney McCray. I like him, I just don’t know how much that injury will affect him in the long run. It was pretty serious.

  • Colin Rigney

    “I’d even take a Guy like Thabeet at this point.”

    Huh??  We might as well recruit a volleyball player. 


  • Bob

    Give RJ a break. He’s the fourth scoring option, maybe even fifth if George Hill is being aggressive. He really needs the team to commit to running to be more than a spot up shooter. He showed what he can do when they get out more when he averaged 20 to start the season. Running more also relieves pressure on the Spurs defense. Gary Neal said earlier in the season they were running because it helped RJ. It also helps everyone else get easy baskets.

    The Spurs slowed down their offense and it hurt them in the second half of the season and playoffs. I am not saying they would have won it all but they certainly could have gone farther. Without having great defense the Spurs needed to play as fast as possible.


     First off, Congrats to Tony Parker for being the only Spur ever to be man enough to come out and tell it like it is.  As for Tim Duncan.  Tim is game and he is a true Baller.  However, just looking at the structure of his body clearly demonstrates that he is not working hard in the offseason.  He needs to get stronger, now!  Unfortunately for Tim, he stayed lazy in offseasons a little too long.  Now, his deal will be restructured and he will lose money as a result.  Bottom line, Get Tim in Shape and Move him to the 5 spot.

    Ginnobli, same situation.  Needs to be stronger, now. 

    Now lets be honest with ourselves for once, as true Spur fans about this team, this coach, and this GM.  They found a formula back in the day and it worked for a few years.  They deserve and have received full credit and big CUDO’S for those triumphs.  However, that time has passed as the league has greatly increased it’s talent level.

    Big 3, Hill, Blair, Anderson and Neal are keepers.  The rest of these guys just cannot get us there….These guys arent good enough to compete with the elite teams in this leauge, period.  They must go. 

    Also, the Spurs lack of success in developing young players needs to be addressed immediately.  Last player that I actually saw Spurs properly develope was Parker.  It is also very strange to me that the team never addressed their needsin the front court, remaining silent as the trade deadline came and went. 

    I wont go thru the long list of young players that have toiled in SA for years and never developed an inch.

    Lets take G. Hill for instance.  Hill is a 2 guard.  He is a scoring 2 guard, as evident during his college years, who plays with handcuffs on.  Wonder what we would get out of this kid if he was allowed to just play his game, say similar to the shocking desicion by Pop to allow the rookie Neal to play his game.

    Splitter…This should be a huge concern for the Spurs FO.  A big who plays small, is very limited, and needs at least two more years of experience and developement.  Not on the bench, not in practice, and certainly not in the D Leauge.,  He needs consistent minutes, if the team is actually going to stick with this guy.  Personally, my opinion is that he is the wrong guy, especially at over 5 mil a year.  Total waste of at least 3 mil of that money.
    Bonner, same story.  Cannot compete.

    Time for change in San Antonio, and if that change does not come, the lottery certainly will.

    Tony was right!

  • manufan

    Title should be “Tony Parker doesn’t know how to contend for a title without young Tim Duncan”.
    Tony and all of us need to get over it, that time is not going to come back.
    We need youth and Pop needs to play that young guys, and not have them nailed to the end of the bench. I am tired of that seasoned veteran bull crap. Get rid of RJ’s and Bonner’s horrible contracts(???) , draft what you need and play people in order to develop them. Serge Ibaka would not be Serge Ibaka if he didn’t play.
    How about you move up in the draft and get some raw young talent and freakish size and athleticism like this:

  • Justin

    There’s no way we trade Parker for Bosh.  The Heat need a 5 not a 1 and besides Lebron and Wade need the ball in their hands for virtually all 48 minutes.  If the Heat do need a PG then it is one who can play defense, hit the 3, and walk the ball up the court to hand to Lebron or Wade.  Tony doesn’t fit in any of these categories. 

  • Glib Grouse

     While his comments on contending may be true (defeatist, but true), what bugged me more was his description of the Grizzlies series. Yes, they beat us up inside. We all knew the Grizz would beat us up inside. What we hoped, however, was that the backcourt, particularly the Parker/Conley matchup, would make up for that. As long as he’s owning up to the fact that the current Spurs cant’s contend, I’d like to see him own up to getting outplayed himself — and to some of the horrible turnovers he had in that series. He’s helped carry us to rings; he carried us through the regular season last year; but he also fades out sometimes. What I don’t like about his honesty re our chances is I think it evidences the doubt in his mind, which shows up in plays where he doesn’t get back, in lazy turnovers he coughs up, and games where he is just not sharp.

    I’d like to see us trade him — not b/c of anything he’s said, but because I think he makes it harder for us to get back to elite defensive status.

  • MSteele_in_Éire

    I don’t agree with what your saying. From 2005 until 2007 we were an elite defensive team and he was our starting PG. IMO he can be part of an elite defensive team, but he needs to be surrounded by the right players.

    I may be stubborn but I still think our big 3 is among the best in the league as a whole. There aren’t many teams who I would say “There top 3 players are better than our top 3 players at this very minute.” (Miami, LA, OKC, maybe Chicago, maybe Boston). 

    In 2005-7 our main 3 guys could carry an offense virtually by themselves, so we could surround them with defensive players with little offensive game (obviously with some exceptions). Since then Tim and Manu’s offensive games have gradually got worse. They just don’t have the same explosion that they once had, which means that our role players, who were previously defensive minded have had to be changed to more ‘D’ minded players to make up for the lost offense. If you look at our roster top to bottom, I’d say Tim, Tiago and Dice are the only players who would be considered ‘D’ minded at the minute. Looking back at the 2007 roster, I’d say Tim, Oberto, Bowen, Elson & Horry would all be considered ‘D’ minded and even then our other players were still solid at that end (Finley, Barry, even Manu was a better ‘D’ player back then.) IMO I think our problem is with the role players. So many of our guys are mediocre at best on the ‘D’ end. Bonner, Blair, Neal, Hill, even Parker (but his consistent offense makes up for his lack of solid defense) are all liabilities at the ‘D’ end IMO. Pop and RC need to stop bringing in offensive minded players and go back to scouting defensive players.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    How in God’s name can actually say that Tim Duncan, arguably the greatest power forward of all-time, has not been working hard in the offseasons and is in fact lazy? People have posted some dumb things in our comments from time to time, but that might be the most ignorant we’ve ever had. Congrats.

  • MSteele_in_Éire

    That’s just pure ignorance. Tim has worked even harder on his body the last couple of off-seasons. He has lost weight each year, which means that there’s less weight on his knee’s. This means that he’s less likely to get niggling injuries the way Shaq has over the last couple of years.

  • MSteele_in_Éire

    This would be a guy I’d love to get in a Spurs jersey. I’d be willing to give up Blair and our pick if we have to move up to get him. I know he’s 6’9 but he appears to have super athleticism and great timing on blocks. If we brought this guy in, he would be a legitimate sized 4 whereas Blair’s just too small