Training camp lessons with Tim Duncan



  • Horns212

    I can’t unsee the fingers on Kawhi’s shoulder in the last cell.


    LOL!!! Already a classic. But gotta agree…who’s three fingers are those?


    I see. No wonder Duncan is so good…he’s got three hands. : ]

  • Tim in Surrey

    You guys have it all wrong, although understandably so. Those are Tim’s fingers, but the arm around the neck is Kawhi’s. He’s very limber.

  • Jesse Blanchard

    corrected…used part of first panel for last one.

  • GFoyle33

    Oh man, I almost lost it when I saw Joey Crawford face!

  • imwithstupid

    Nice one Jesse, too funny!

    Duncan’s “foul face” looks just like my “Blair found a jumper?” face.

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Very well drawn. Was it by hand or by mouse?

  • Jesse Blanchard

    Thanks. I bought a tablet that let’s me draw directly on the screen. It works better than the time I took a sharpie to my Mac. Still learning it though.