TrueHoop TV: Kawhi Leonard on the under-25 rankings


Over at ESPN Insider ($), Kevin Pelton, Amin Elhassan and David Thorpe ranked the top 25 players under the age of 25. San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard, someone who you could argue could’ve been Finals MVP last season if the Spurs won the championship, came in at 14th on the list.

Over at TrueHoop TV, Elhassan sits down with Henry Abbott to explain Kawhi’s ranking and the rest of the list.

  • rj

    I have to agree with his assessment. kawhi hasn’t displayed the ball handling or athleticism to be a patient, viable 1st scoring option, but I think he is a cog definitely worth developing into our future plans.

  • ChillFAN

    I think when Pop refers to KL as “the future of the franchise” it has more to do with molding him to anchor Spur basketball well, not necessarily the “ESPN franchise player” that takes every last shot and gets a highlight every other night. Carmelo and LeBron are simply not amazing franchise players if you are in Denver or Cleveland. Just bc KL doesnt have Ginobili handles doesnt mean he’s not learning how to lead the Spurs system.