TrueHoop TV: The aftermath of the sweep


  • Sowhat

    I truly don’t get the comments made by people WHO CLEARLY might not have played sports at any professional or college level, they lack of substance and their statistical point of view lacks of any well documented and tested variables!

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Then why are you reading blogs?

  • senorglory

    “Who clearly might” LOL. That’s a definite equivocation.

  • td4life

    “Perimeter scoring is pretty important”… to that point, I sure hope that the Spurs coaching is running the guys through tons of shooting drills this week. The Spurs need to come out SCORCHING versus Miami. Manu in particular needs to dial in his shooting (he also needs to be a bit more conservative as a point guard versus Miami… just take good shots or find the cutter, we don’t need the turnovers).

  • senorglory

    But seriously, to reply to the substance of your comment: critiquing sports and performing sports are two distinct skills, not mutually exclusive, sometimes overlapping, but not in the least dependent on the other.

    Magic J was a supremely gifted player, but Michael Wilbon is head and shoulders above Magic as a sports journalist. In general, an analysis by Wilbon will be more credible and have more “substance” than one by Magic, with one big exception– personal anecdotes. Wilbon doesn’t have them, Magic does. But anecdotes are limited as a tool for analysis and predictive value.

    The same way we judge an athlete not by their pedigree but by their actual performance on the court, we have to judge a sports journalist by the quality of their actual product. 48minutes consistently brings the goods, son.

    And besides that, for all we know, most of these articles are secretly written by David Robinson, a well known computer nerd.

  • sebastian

    my favorite video commentary, thanks guys keep it comin