TrueHoop TV: Game 7 preview


Graydon joined up with Ethan Sherwood Strauss and Henry Abbott for another episode of TrueHoop TV previewing tonight’s decisive Game 7 of the NBA Finals.


    two words why Spurs win….Gregg Popovich…he’s all Northwest Indiana, and we know our hoops up here:


    Proven twice. Pop was wrong about Stephen Jackson and proven wrong about game six. Players win games….coaches can F’ that up.

  • JT

    Pop and Ginobili cost us a championship. Ginobili just plain sucked. heat got lucky Parker got hurt and no one stepped up. We lost game six due to Timmy being out during crucial moments, all players just looking at the ball instead of boxing out, Manu missing free throws and 8 TURNOVERS.

    Just sad this is the way it ends for Timmy.

    As good as Danny has been, he needs to learn to stay within what he can do, Dribbling and tear drops and not his game.

    Amazing that we can’t get Danny open, but yet we let Lebron and Battier shoot wide open 3 after 3, I’ll never understand the let the 2 best players in the world shoot wide open jumpers. Pop was very questionable in these finals.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Thats Why Hes Not Pissed At Players When He Was At The Podium.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Yeah I Think Capt Jack Could Have Helped Us With Lebron. I Wonder What Could Have Been.

  • Titletown99030507d

    I Feel Sad For Timmy As Well EspecialLy After Missing That 2 FooterVery Very Late In The Game To Tie The Game. So In My Opinion That Was A Team loss.

  • Jimbo

    Has there ever been a team so close to the title that didn’t actually win it?

  • Graham

    Jack wasn’t doin anything Kawhi and Green wasn’t doing. Nobody to blame but just being outplayed.

  • Graham

    Guess the blame game’s only natural. But really? We missed the deciding plays at the end, plain and simple. Pop’s no more at fault than Patty Mills. Miami, and LeBron in particular, was just incredible at the end.

  • Graham

    Sure doesn’t feel like it. Man this is going to haunt us for a while. Good thing we already have a few championships in the bag.

  • Graham

    Yeah, we just came up a fraction short. Dissapointing but our guys played their hearts out to the end. Losing to a LeBron going off like that’s just the breaks. Gotta come back next year and get it done, hopefully.

  • GhanaSpur

    I was gutted on Tuesday…today, I just feel empty.


    True but Jack had proven many times to up his game in playoffs. Guess we’ll never know if he would have been a difference maker for when Ginobili went south pole.


    I think he feels responsible for the game six loss.