Video: How Tiago Splitter fits in with the San Antonio Spurs


Tiago Splitter is officially a San Antonio Spur. So where does he fit in?We’ve talked plenty about Tiago Splitter in these parts. But we haven’t done a whole lot of work on explaining how he will actually fit into the San Antonio Spurs’ plans.

Most of what we were concerned with was actually getting him in the silver and black. An important first step, I know. But now that the deal is done and dusted and Splitter has been assigned a jersey, let’s have a look at how the big Brazilian fits in with your San Antonio Spurs.

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  • Sam

    I love talking about the spurs, but what ticks me off is that we are not even talked about. That the “almighty miami heat” is what everyone is focus is, TD can match-up with Bosh, Tony or Hill can match-up with Wade, Manu can match-up with James intensity. Blair is my vote for our future power foward just the way he comes out and fights for each rebound and never giving up on plays. I think he should start over Bonner, I don’t believe Bonner in my case is strong and physical enough to be the starter. As for Splitter I’m not convince yet about him, It’s not what we needed, we needed a strong defender or a good 3-point shooter. How did the Suns sweep us with great outside shooters, not power fowards.

  • oiram

    @ Tyler
    Griffin didn’t play any regular season game last year that’s why he is considered a rookie.

  • vug3

    Man, lots of things to be analyzed and sorted i guess, but as one of the few true Spurs fans in the LA area, i am rediculously excited. Lets go Spurs!!! Somebody needs to step up and deliver help to TD like he helped DR so he can retire knowing that his team is in good hands. Who cares about egos, as long as they don’t destroy the chemistry we’re in good shape, but i must say i don’t find miami that intimidating…as usual my only fear is the Lakers. history tells us that once the Spurs make it to the finals they are 4-0. Beat LA!!!

  • philip fletcher

    hoopshype has some interesting positive things to say concerning Splitter, it is based on what they already know, nothing negative written about him, not even a thought about him never playing in the nba. Among other things, he can play finesse, or physical.

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