What’s the Story: Manu almost wills win but Blazers take wild one


  • rj

    We also really missed tiago in this one. He has defended LMA well in the past, despite losing to them constantly. Maybe Timmy should have gotten the call against LMA earlier in this one. I don’t think Lopez would have been able to exploit diaw. And if he did, we could have used baynes, but everyone gates him so I guess that was never an option. I thought Ayres could have got some run as well. He can stay in front of LMAo, but probably didn’t have the strength or discipline to defend him in the post.

    When is kawhi going to stop screwing around and be more aggressive. I guess it’s a tough position to be in, having to be subordinate to the big 3 while being asked to expand his game. The kid still needs to take what’s open.
    Another athletic western conference power, another loss

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  • JustinFL

    Guys, we still have over 3 months of basketball left. These younger teams always look better than us early, but usually fan out by the end of the season. With Ayres playing better and better, it should light a fire under Tiago’s ass I hope when he gets back. Another thing fans lose sight of, is that we r the bully, and the up and coming teams bring their best games against us. We r the measuring stick for them. On the flip side, it’s hard for us to understand as fans what goes on inside the minds of HOFs, who have forgotten more about basketball than the whole Blazers team. They know they have to save what they have left for when it counts. (Looking at u Miami)