What’s the story: Kawhi Leonard breaks out, breaks Bulls


Spurs @ Bulls

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Nando De Colo will start for Tony Parker tonight. It he goes 29-11, I predict a Spurs victory.Jeff McDonald
there’s a lawyer in Miami outraged that Tony Parker isn’t playing vs. Bulls tonightMike Monroe
Chance for a nice Kawhi game tonight. #SummerLeagueMatthew R Tynan
Kawhi Leonard just complete the first up and under of his NBA career!Jesse Blanchard
Kawhi’s game is so cerebral and fundamental… that’s weird, huh?Matthew R Tynan
"Did you see that jumper?! Did you see that jumper?!" – RC Buford to other GMs after that DeJuan Blair jumper.Jesse Blanchard
Man if Blair had that shot consistently. He works on it nightly, we just rarely see the fruits of his labor.Matthew R Tynan
The Bonner Shy-Hook™ on display tonight.Pounding the Rock
Noah’s a game time decision, and then he plays the first 14 minutes of the game without a break. #thibsball #reevaluatethisinfiveyearsMark Deeks
Five Spurs have taken 4 shots. Nobody has taken more. All 9 who have played have taken at least 2. Only Blair at 2.WayneTBF
If the end result of this weirdo road trip is that Gary Neal’s finally got his groove back, it will be well worth it. He’s 4 of 5 to start.Jeff McDonald
#Spurs tie #Bulls 32-32 on the strength of Gary Neal’s unrestrained shot selection. Nine points, 4-5 shooting. Six minutes left in first…Jesse Blanchard
20-5 run #gospursgoGaby
Spurs are basically out-Bullsing the Bulls right now. Defense has been super solid.Jeff McDonald
De Colo really wanted to give that one up to someone who could dunk, but Kawhi wasn’t in the zip code. Layup gives Spurs 12-point lead.Jeff McDonald
Biggest differences are turnovers (Bulls 11, Spurs 1) and shooting (Bulls 41.7%, Spurs 51.2%)Jeff McDonald
"I’m going to continue running you into the ground." RT @swirsk054: if you’re Coach Thibs what do you tell your team at half?Bulls by the Horns
With a 6 for 7 so far tonight, Gary Neal has made 10 of his last 13 field goals.Jeff McDonald
Kawhi posted up turnaround shot. #kaboomPounding the Rock
Summer League Kawhi is my favorite Kawhi.Andrew A. McNeill
Somehow, the Bulls get off three shots in five seconds.Jeff McDonald
Defensive possessions like that are ones Spurs need to finish if they’re going to little-engine-that-could this thing.Jeff McDonald
You can apparently find a good cube steak in Chicago.Andrew A. McNeill
Regular ol’ Nate Robinson morphing into Super Nate here. He’s got Bulls within 70-65 now.Jeff McDonald
Danny Green has made 20 of his last 30 3-point attempts. #icyHOTPounding the Rock
So Kawhi, rough the ball up, then iso’d on Taj and scored. Pretty Damn goodBBALLBREAKDOWN
Another fun game without a single one of the Big 3 playing for San Antonio. They’re just system players anyway…Matthew R Tynan
#Spurs have been shooting a lot of jumpers in this quarter, would be good to see Kawhi try and attack again.Paul Garcia PS
SO MUCH NANDO. #Spurs #BullsPaul Garcia PS
Oh my goodness… the passes Nando is capable ofMatthew R Tynan
Kawhi with the dunk at 100 mph. How in the world did he do that? #Spurs on 7-0 run, leading by 11 with 6 minutes left.Paul Garcia PS
Kawhi Leonard dunks so nonchalantly. #SpursBeige Star
Leonard killing with that midrange shot. #SpursBeige Star
That roll… Kawhi’s hands are so big that he puts an incredible amount of spin on the ball when he shoots.Andrew A. McNeill
RT @BartTBF: Kawhi is taking the TP role in the 4th. #closerPaul Garcia PS
Only Nando could make a complete pass at 80 mph to Tiago while falling. #Spurs #BullsPaul Garcia PS
No Big 3, No problem for Spurs in Chicago; Final at United Center: SAS 103, CHI 89; Leonard career high 26 pts.; 1st team to 41 winsMike Monroe
#Spurs win 103-89 behind a monster game from Kawhi Leonard (26 points). SAS now 41-12 on the season. SAS now 19-10 on road.Paul Garcia PS

  • The Heretic

    Sweet. Fancy. MOSES! No MVP caliber Parker? No super-sub Ginobili? No Slam Duncan? No Jax? No problem!

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  • Sir Timothy

    Spurs are so far ahead of every one in the league. How do you do SO MUCH player development and have the best record in the league last year and this year??

    How do you give your stars this much rest and have the best record last year and this year?

    By the way, Baynes is a couple of years away from getting any substantial minutes! On the other hand his proclaimed role model – Reggie Evans – got 22 boards last night so there may be a place for Baynes yet.