What’s The Story: Spurs lose Leonard, then game, Kevin Durant is good


  • rj

    are we going to have to make a trade? we have maybe 2 players capable of playing the 3 on our roster. ginobili is toast if he has to defend 3’s for a prolonged period of time.
    tough game, but I loved how we played with emotion and tenacity. ginobili defending Durant was a thing of beauty. I love what we are seeing from manu right now. his physicality and aggressiveness are really picking up and giving us that legitimate 3rdt option again. leonard should watch film on his performance. stay tight in his chest. arms up. I also liked seeing patty mills get into it with Derek fisher. that old fart has been a thorn in our side for too long. patty’s full court pressure will certainly give him trouble.
    I would say it is time to look at our assets right now and see what kind of trades we can manufacture. if we have to be without a true sf for a stretch, we are definitely going to slip in the standings.

  • merkin

    Is it too late to tank?;

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    Not in the West, it isn’t.

  • Tyler

    To your point about the SF position – in the playoffs, depth is much less valuable. I foresee Kawhi getting all the minutes he can handle. At that point, any backup SF is only going to be asked to play 10 or so minutes, maybe a few more if SA goes small and plays Kawhi at the 4. I’m not saying a trade isn’t warranted, I just don’t believe the Spurs need at that position is at the point they need to give up much value. I can see them signing a veteran that gets cut (although they would need to open a roster spot).

    I doubt SA will slip too much in the standings (they only play three .500+ teams in Feb – welcome to the Eastern Conf). It wouldn’t surprise me to see them rally and play well.

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