What’s the Story: Spurs at Clippers


  • Graham

    Well, had to eat a loss sometime. Clips were just dialed in today, got to hand it to them. DAJ and Crawford in particular. Now i want to see if they bounce back and iron out those offensive kinks.

  • assistman

    I predicted this loss all day to day. That said, I did not enjoy watching this game. Not even a little bit. Terrible basketball.

    At least LAL lost, though. Silver lining on the night.

  • junierizzle

    I knew we were in for a long night when they couldnt hit an open shot to save their life in the 1st quarter. It was a horrible thing to watch. Give credit to the Clipps D but also the SPurs didn’t have to help them with weak passes. Anyway, I felt a strange comfort when I saw Timmy smiling after the game. BIg deal. every team gets blown out during the year.

  • Nima K.

    Saw the highlights. Wow. Very awful play.

  • Graham

    Exactly. No need to panic when we are essentially winning at a 62 and 20 pace. It’s not like the Clippers are a lottery team, or even a bubble playoff team. You think the heat worried after the Knixks lit them up in the Garden? No, they just promptly got back to work and won the following games.

  • Graham

    Another thing I noticed in the extended garbage time last night. Patty doesn’t seem quite comfortable running the offense. His ball handling is undeniably superior to Neal’s, but other than his open 3, his actions never seem very……..decisive. Maybe if he could demonstrate some of Parker’s slash and kick game he could prove he is worth time as the backup 1. I think that’s why Neal is still the backup PG, he knows what to do in the offense and is decisive with his decision making.

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