What’s The Story: Miami evens up series


  • Riotsmoke

    Refs need to pay more attention in the 2nd quarter. We should’ve been up big at half time but leave it to the league and their Lebron-loving cronies to even it out. Atrocious, inconsistent officiating throughout the game. Spurs were getting whatever they wanted on the offensive end, but in the end, the mark has to go on the players and Pop for not realizing the situation. When you’re in the bonus with 6+ minutes left, you attack the paint without mercy knowing these guys are gonna foul. Instead we settle for 16-20 foot jumpshots that leave us out of position. C’mon guys… Wake up,… This is the same crap they’ve been doing in the regular season and I have no idea why they think it makes sense now. Win, stop dicking around with rotations… Win, and stop dicking around with the ball… Win, and leave everyone who knows anything about this sport that there
    are two things that separate Lebron James from greatness… Loyalty and pride. Loyalty to stick
    with a team through thick and thin, and the pride to know that losing hurts, but it means more in the long run. The Spurs know both of those, so get out there and stop trying to impress the ESPN masses.. Win, and leave those doichebags to sort who they think does and doesn’t belong…

  • freeworld81

    I am die hard Spurs fan, but they chocked! 4 missed free throws and Ginoboli. Nothing else to say. They ruined a golden opportunity. Pop keeps trusting Manu at the wrong times.

  • abe

    Yup…9 jump shots and only 1 single drive by Danny Green in that 6:24 stretch in the 4th quarter. We have to learn to play in the bonus. Of course, 60% from the stripe doesn’t help either.

  • heat guaratneed to win forever

    of course they even the series. the heat would beat god in basketball as long as saint bronbron wears #6. the heat have the title locked up until he retires.

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  • Argie

    games so close are lost in multiple ways. There were many bad calls from the refs, and there were many mistakes made by the Spurs that contributed to the final outcome. Two of those bad calls were about the same play: an attempt by a player to snatch the ball out of the hands of the opposing player. manu didnt even touch Wade, but it was his 3rd foul, putting him back to the bench and 2 FT’s converted by Wade. Manu was handling the ball, and was hit by Allen, nothing was called. Same play, they got it wrong the two times, and benefiting Miami. Duncan and Parker’s missed FT’s were also key, as well as Parker isolating himself against Lebron and being blocked, when Spurs were up by 2. In any case, time to reload and expect to win one out of the next two. The Spurs can do it, they need to be more consistent and pay attention to the little details (By the way, it would be good to start paying more attention to Lewis, he scorched us from the 3 point line, always open)

  • Argie

    Manu did one bad play during clutch time, but he is +4 in this game, and it’s not a coincidence, when he is running the offense, the Spurs is a better team. For me it’s more Parker the one damaging the team, with endless dribbling and not involving the team mates. I prefer how the spurs play when Mills is on the floor.