What’s the Story: Spurs win, A/C goes out, sports are weird


  • NYC

    Hell yeah.

  • Chris FOM

    In the post-game press conference I kept waiting for Rod Thorn to announce that if the AC isn’t fixed by Sunday they were going back to the Alamodome.

  • camnpat

    The one thing that infuriates me is all the Heat fans making excuses that the team wasn’t really playing at full strength because, I guess, their Prima donna millionaire players can only play well in courts with perfect AC.

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  • peter drysdale

    That’s what I told my sister they could do. LOL I can’t imagine a scenario where it isn’t fixed by then though.

  • FunkTron

    Well I’ll be damned. How the heck are you Chris? :) I’d forgotten you are a fellow Spurs fan. Small world, right? Such a surreal scene last night with all the players icing their necks and the Admiral sitting in the crowd fanning himself along with all the uncomfortable folks. Hope all is well for you, and GO SPURS!