What’s the Story: Thunder too much for Leonard-less Spurs


  • Filemon

    I am a Spurs’ fan, and I think this season we have a great team. But i can’t ignore all the loses to the top teams. For me, the system is good enough to be in cruise mode in regular season, giving impressive wins as with the warriors, an even overcoming huge performances, like the last from Kevin Love. But there is no answer for elite teams with more than one superstar. We haven’t seen any spur go supernova this season (has anyone score more than 30?). I would be happy if once in a while the team remind us that they have enough power to go against the top teams. So far, we are 0-5 against West Top 5…

  • Graham


    1) If we meet the Thunder in the Playoffs again. We NEED both Leonard and Green healthy to have an edge.

    2) Marco is the most perfect acquisition we could have asked for

    3) Reggie Jackson scares me.

    4) Relax, it’s December. I was dubious about winning this game with a banged up parker WITH Leonard. Without…..domino effect defensively, as we all saw. Let’s see how this shakes out later in the year.

  • rj

    couldn’t buy a rebound. I don’t want to see the final numbers.
    i’d still say the west is okc’s to lose. they have to superstars and a supporting cast that is young and ever improving. not to mention the toughness collison and fisher provide.
    I think this was a good game for danny. he was asked to guard okc;s best perimeter players. danny will have to get minutes with the second unit to defend reggie Jackson after a brief rest guarding westbrook. the issue is the lack of rebounding on the interior. pop was forced to play baynes to match up with adams.

  • Graham

    It’d be foolish to not consider them the Favorites, but all things said I like our chances come playoff time, even without homecourt. Maybe we get lucky and they have to weather a Golden State/Portland/Spurs gauntlet while we get something like Denver/LA Clippers/OKC.

    We’ll revisit this again I’m sure come March or April, when these things clear up. Who knows? Maybe we’ll look vastly more on point by then. Nothing a good RRT won’t fix I feel.