Why the Spurs shouldn’t use the amnesty clause on Richard Jefferson


There are at least three arguments in favor of the Spurs severing ties with Richard Jefferson.

The first is money. The Spurs need more of it, and using the amnesty clause on Richard Jefferson is one way to create a little bit of room for themselves beneath the tax line. Unfortunately for the Spurs, that little bit really isn’t much. Depending on what happens with Antonio McDyess, the Spurs sans Jefferson will be over the cap and within a few million of the tax line. Breathing room, yes, but still uncomfortably tight.

My suspicion is the Spurs will accept that they’re tax payers this season and accept whatever that means in terms of tax.

The second reason the Spurs could use the amnesty clause on Richard Jefferson is Kawhi Leonard. As in, the Spurs traded away George Hill to draft an A-list small forward. It’s not the sort of move RC Buford makes unless the Spurs plan to use Leonard immediately. George Hill is too steep a price for bench fodder.

The final reason the Spurs could use the amnesty on Richard Jefferson is roster space. Assuming they have a reasonable amount of confidence in Kawhi Leonard and—don’t forget—James Anderson to absorb Jefferson’s minutes, the Spurs could opt to create roster space by losing RJ.

Let me explain.

The Spurs’ training camp should include James Anderson, DeJuan Blair, Matt Bonner, Da’Sean Butler, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Richard Jefferson, Cory Joseph, Kawhi Leonard, Antonio McDyess, Gary Neal, Tony Parker, and Tiago Splitter. Fourteen players in total. If Antonio McDyess retires, a minimum thirteen players are already locks for Spurs camp.

But notice that roster. The closest thing the Spurs have to a reserve point guard is Gary Neal. And the San Antonio Spurs who were abused by the Grizzlies frontline last April, still look thin up front, at least when compared to their likely postseason match-ups. DeJuan Blair and Matt Bonner are situational players, and it’s difficult, for purposes of spacing, to play Splitter with Blair or Duncan for long stretches.

This is all to say the Spurs’ roster is already at a minimum of thirteen players and they need to add at least one point guard and a rotation quality big. Some might argue the Spurs could use a defensive combo forward (in addition to rookie Kawhi Leonard) and I wouldn’t argue with them. But again, where do they find the roster space and with what money?

Looking at the current roster, the Spurs are most intriguing at small forward. Without Richard Jefferson, the Spurs boast the dangerously inexperienced but potential-laden foursome of Kawhi Leonard, James Anderson, Danny Green, and Da’Sean Butler. I wouldn’t want to go into the postseason with that group, but it does give the Spurs something to think about in terms of Richard Jefferson.

Jefferson, you’ll remember, was benched at the very end of San Antonio’s series with Memphis.

Why the Spurs will keep Richard Jefferson

But still, having said all that, there are a number of considerations that make Jefferson’s situation more favorable than we might assume. In other words, there are a number of reasons the smart money says the Spurs will not use the amnesty clause on Richard Jefferson.

First, there is the issue of the short season, and, even more importantly, the short training camp.

Teams which are system-smart and feature low turnover will have an advantage over teams learning new systems or are trying to incorporate several new players. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Spurs jump out on the Western Conference because of this. Apart from Kawhi Leonard, their entire rotation knows their system right now. (We also await the new schedule, which, because of the Rodeo Road Trip, could feature a home court heavy first half of the season for San Antonio.)

Richard Jefferson’s system-smarts are enough of a reason to favor him over newcomer Kawhi Leonard and relative newcomer James Anderson.

Second, the Spurs’ projected rotation will feature Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair, and Kawhi Leonard. None of these players can shoot. Richard Jefferson, no matter how underwhelming he’s performed in San Antonio, still hit .440 from range last season.

Third, as we saw above, the Spurs actually don’t have a strong financial incentive to use the amnesty clause on RJ. A better scenario is to find a trade partner for his services and, in return, fill a need at point guard or power forward.

Richard Jefferson’s trade value under the previous CBA was low, but the new CBA provides more trade flexibility and incentive, which might change the market on RJ. In terms of salary match, teams under the cap can now take back 150% plus 100,000 in contracts.  And the new minimum payroll floor is higher under this CBA. Some teams that are beneath the cap will have to scramble to meet minimum salary requirements (the requirement is up from 75 to 85% of the cap). Teams like the Nets and Kings have work to do on this front.

Fourth, if the Spurs are set on using the amnesty clause on Richard Jefferson, it makes more sense to wait until Tim Duncan’s current contract expires. Tim Duncan’s 21 million dollar contract expires at the end of this season and Richard Jefferson is set to make 10 million next year. Antonio McDyess is still a question mark for this season, but his expiring contract is slated for 5.2 million this season.

Add it up and the Spurs could clear as much as 36 million from their cap in 8 short months.  This could make the Spurs big players in next summer’s free agent market. Plus, it gives the team a year to groom Kawhi Leonard and James Anderson, better assessing what they have in each player and identifying where they fit in the team’s future.

Taken altogether, the Spurs are best served to either trade Richard Jefferson or wait until next summer to use the amnesty clause on his contract.

  • Anonymous

    Can you keep the amnesty or does it have to be used relatively soon?
    I like the idea of sticking with this team for the year (ie keeping RJ) and looking to sign a big and a b/u PG. What about signing Chuck Hayes. I know he’s small for a ‘big’ but at the end of the day, he’s a damn good low post defender, he’s got a high BBIQ, he’s a hard worker and a good rebounder. Again he would fall into the same category as Splitter & Blair in the sense that they couldn’t play extended minutes together but if we could get him I would be delighted. This is just from a game against Stoudemire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6f5Uyu6Dv4&feature=related

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    I read earlier that the amnesty provision can be used at any time during the new CBA, so as long as a decade if neither side opts out of the deal after six years.

  • Espoon

    Could the Spurs trade Jefferson and Blair to the Clippers for Kaman, if the Clippers are considering amnestying Kaman?  Then the Clippers could amnesty Jefferson if they liked.

  • Ryan McShane

    All of the word about the extended amnesty provision allegedly came from Peter Holt… I almost expect the Spurs to keep RJ on board for a one season minimum.

  • Jjonathany82

    No mention of the two-step waiver provision, and whether another team might be willing to pay a portion of RJ’s salary in order to get him?  That would save the Spurs part of Jefferson’s salary in addition to the tax savings.

  • Matt

    Dwight Howard is a free agent this summer…..just saying.

  • Dstone2962

    They tried to trade Jefferson along with Parker for the Kings pick during the draft.  The only reason it didn’t happen was because of Jefferson.

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  • Bob

    Trading for an often injured center that isn’t good defensively is at best a wash for the Spurs. Don’t forget the difficulty of trying to learn a new system. Not learning the system kept Splitter’s minutes low last season. If the Spurs are going to trade Jefferson they have to fill a need and get better defensively.

  • Dannyholloway

    The amnesty has to be used in the next 2 years and is only available for players under contract currently (i.e. a ballclub won’t be able to use it next year on a new contract they immediately regret).

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    That’s not quite accurate, Larry Coon had a good summary of it at ESPN:

    “One player can be waived prior to the start of any season (only one player can be amnestied during the agreement, and contracts signed under the new CBA are not eligible). The salary of the waived player will not count toward the salary cap or luxury tax. Teams with cap room can submit competing offers to acquire an amnestied player (at a reduced rate) before he hits free agency and can sign with any team.”

    “As with the amnesty provision in the 2005 agreement, this provision allows teams to kick one bad contract to the curb. The benefits to amnesty are greater now than they were in 2005 — 100 percent of the player’s salary is removed for both cap and tax purposes. The other big change is that teams are allowed to pocket their amnesty card to use later — so teams that managed their cap well to this point benefit because they don’t have to use it or lose it.

    Teams with cap room can benefit greatly from the amnesty provision by being able to submit a competing offer to claim an amnestied player at a reduced rate. For example, if Cleveland uses its amnesty provision on Baron Davis, a team that is $5 million below the salary cap can submit a $5 million offer to acquire Davis’ contract. If that offer is the highest, the team acquires Davis and is responsible for $5 million of his salary — with Cleveland responsible for the balance. This happens before Davis becomes a free agent and can sign on his own with a team like Miami.”

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  • Titletown99030507d

    Andrew  If you were the FO would you dump all your money on Howard after this season after Timmy’s contract is off the books and RJ is adios? Or would you get several solid contributors?

  • http://profiles.google.com/lordxar Ray Briggs II

    SA cannot attract big time free agents. It’s a nice idea but it will never happen…just saying.

  • Titletown99030507d

    I would like to trade Blair and filler for Taj Gibson and Bonner for Kosta Koufos and if MCDyess is gone Id like to add Jamario Moon with that money if possible.

    Duncan, Splitter, Gibson, Koufos, Moon, Leonard, RJ (to show Moon and Leonard the system), Ginobilli, Anderson, Neal, Parker, and someone to back up TP. Take your pick for the last 2 if needed.

    Only one player shorter than 6’10” (6’9″ Gibson but very athletic) the rest are real bigs.



  • Ryan McShane

    Paul Millsap for RJ? Utah has too many big men and Millsap is probably the “weakest” of the five… but his contract is undervalued. 


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely no chance Chicago trade Gibson for Blair.

    I don’t think it makes sense to trade for Kosta Koufos. Bonner is a solid contributer, who is overused. Koufos is a perennial 12th man. Bonner gives us something different, whereas I see Koufos as a poor mans Splitter. 

    It’s funny, I think we have a 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th big. TD, Splitter, Dice (If he continues on) & Bonner. We are just missing that 3rd/1st big off the bench. If we could get someone like Hayes or Przybilla or maybe someone like Foster. That would just be the way I’m thinking. I don’t think we need size, just good defensive players. If we could combine the two, then I would be delighted.

    Just delighted to finally be able to talk basketball!

  • http://www.facebook.com/raidArman Arman Shirinian

    fine and dandy, but there’s zero chance anybody would trade for richard jefferson with his 3 years 30 million remaining. instead, he’s dead weight on our roster. sure, he’s experienced, but that 10 mil per year could be spent elsewhere. id rather amnesty jefferson then go sign reshard lewis for cheap, as he will also be an amnesty cut. that way, we’ll keep that 3 point shooting with better defense, and pay less money for it

  • Bry

    SA can def pick up big free agents. Especially now that this new CBA has diminished a lot of the advantages of the big teams. But this off-season they have no chance for now. It’s not a very good free agent crop anyway, and they’ll have huge cap space in 8 months like the article said. Better to wait now and enjoy the continuity in a short season with no training camp, then try to unload people chaotically chasing small advantages. Also, Holt got a break paying approximately one sixth of the salaries of every Spur because of the loss of games. That’s just one more reason it’s worth it to keep RJ around this season (at a one sixth discount of 9.2 million) and then use the amnesty in eight months when he’ll jump to over 10 million, he’ll be a year older, the Spurs will be way under the cap, and the free agent market will be far better. It makes more sense all around.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    I’d say take a shot at Howard and see if you can get him. He’s a once-a-decade type big man. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s looking to move to a smaller market than Orlando. I think the Spurs will have to bottom out and find their next star through the draft.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Let’s hope Bonner can give us something at all in the playoffs. How many no shows since his been here? I’d assume we just re do a few of those big spots. We either keep Blair or Bonner because that experiment is over with because you know Pop is still going to drag that experiment to the ground. It takes us nowhere. Regardless if Blair lost weight or not. Is he mature enough to take a role suited for him say 10 minutes a night? And will Bonner melt down again late in the season or playoffs? As for the 7 footer I mentioned that can shoot, block, and defend the rim I’d rather have him on the floor with a decent PF for short spells instead of seeing if the opposing team will shake in their boots with Bonner gets on the floor. Opposing PF’s lick their chops at the sight of Bonner checking in. We won’t go anywhere like this unless they go back to that hyper offense style of play and in this case Splitter is the odd man out unless he plays in Timmy’s spot while they run up and down the court. Splitter at this point is faster than Timmy if they decide to run and gun. One thing is certain I would not limit Splitters minutes just so Bonner and Blair can get the bulk of the game time. It just doesn’t make sense. So many questions to ask? Is Timmy capable to survive in the hyper offense being another year older? Will Bonner’s psyche allow him to be the shooter he supposed to be in the playoffs? Will Blair be the rebounding mistake free player that we were hoping to see? Will RJ play the same number of minutes? Pop scares me.

  • Albe428

    I have a question…Why does everyone have anderson as a SF?! When did he all of a sudden turn from 2 to a 3?! He’s a SG!!! First off he’s 6’6″ and, although a good defender, not good enough to keep up with the biggerSFs in the nba. He has a skill set more suited to a SG, the perfect size of a SG, and the athletecism.I mean if you’re so high on him playing the 3 then make him a swingman so he can play there occasionally but honestly he’s a 2 and at the end of the day that’s what we need more. Yes I said it, we need a 2 badly!! I know we have manu and neal but how much longer can manu last? And neal is in no way the SG of the futur. He’s too small, too much of a liability on defense and has very little skills outside of shooting. So in two years what’ll the spurs do when manu retires? This team lives throuh manu now and can die when he leaves too. So stop pegging anderaon at the 3. For a season rj can suffice, leonard is a top notch player and the exact combo forward but primary 3 the spurs need and behind them there are two other SFs to pick from, green and butler, to train and hopefully make better than rj. But the spurs need to start training a franchise guard besides parker and soon cause once manu leaves it’ll be tough. So start pegging anderson at the 2, where he’s much better suited.

  • Camshafthegreat88

    I would try to get raja bell, james jones, grant hill, tracey mcgrady, or joel pryzbilla, not in that order

  • Titletown99030507d

    I like that, a change of scenery for both of them. Could you still amnesty Millsap if he didn’t pan out and we needed more cap room for free agency 2012?

  • Titletown99030507d

    Same here I  would like to see JA at the 2 a lot in this coming season as well and at least he’s tasted the Spurs system already. Plus I would actually like to get Jamario Moon for the cheap and let either Butler or Green walk. Green and Butler aren’t proven in this league. Moon could start ahead of RJ and KL. Don’t think KL is going to come in turn the NBA upside down because of his draft status. Besides look what happened to Splitter even when he was healthy. Expect a lot of DNP’s for KL in this shorter season. That’s not what I want but you know Pop. Really like to see JA and KL, Splitter, and Blair playing well toward the end of the season. True about Neal, a great specialty  player if you need a couple 3’s right away kind of like Bonner but short and actually can make his shots as opposed to Bonner. Somebody should just tell Bonner its still the regular season.

  • Tyler

    Great for the Spurs, but why would Utah do it? 

    If anything has become apparent, it’s that RJ is suited for a more uptempo style which I don’t think Corbin is going to institute. Utah’s also pushing the youth movement and RJ would take minutes from Gordon Hayward.

    I would love Millsap, but Utah could do much better IMHO.

  • Mac

    We talk about JA at the three b/c THAT’S WERE HE GETS FLOOR TIME thus far. Duh.
    With Hill gone, and with Leonard added, JA will likely get more time at the two, but we’ll see since Pop seems to love small ball, 3 guard lineups. In the unlikely event that RJ is amnestied, JA would be likely to get more minutes at the 3 spot. It’s not like we fans are campaigning for undersized players at this or any position, but you see it on virtually every team: if you have to choose between size and ability, you have to choose ability most of the time. Why do you think Neal, Blair, C Hayes, T Gibson, T Lawson and DOZENS of others are in the league?! RJ has the size, and most everyone wants him gone (but there are no takers!). JA has serviceable size to swing to the 3.

    Obviously, we ALL hope JA delivers on the promise of inheriting the starting 2 guard spot and succeeding there, but we are talking about THIS friggin season. Unless the Spurs do not add a veteran backup PG, AND unless Neal proves incapable of second unit PG duties forcing Manu to join him off the bench (opening the possibility of JA starting next to TP), then James is a third string SG on this roster, and is just likely to get spot minutes at the 3 once again.


  • Grego

    Things are different now that the new CBA is in place. There are now different benefits that exist for some teams and now new draw backs.

  • Titletown99030507d

    This season what you’ll see is JA & KL trying to crack the rotation with years line up. My guess they won’t get major minutes based on Pop’s system in treating rookies. JA might get the same treatment because of being hurt most of the season. I didn’t see GH take a major chunk of Manu’s minutes. I don’t see Pop busting up the Bonner Blair show so if that happens get ready for shorter version of last year’s results. It’s hard to say at this point if the FO wants to develop the young talent and not spend any money on making the front better and tanking this season and just wait for 2012 to get a good draft pick as well as getting out of 2 major contracts off the books and feast on free agents in 2012. I wouldn’t get them now. If this is the case enjoy your Spurs as such. It’s better than no season. Then get really good in 2012. Sorry Timmy.

  • Anonymous

    Tbh the season starting 2 months late helps us greatly on this occasion, because if it had started on time, we would of had 4 guys (3 key players) coming into camp, straight off international play. So it gives them a bit longer to heal any injuries they might have had.

    It would be good if we could start TP, JA, RJ, Splitter & Tim. With Manu, Neal, KL, Dice/Bonner & *Signed Player* coming off the bench. With guys like Joseph, Butler, Green & Blair getting spot minutes. That way we’re limiting Manu’s minutes (and his chance of getting a freak injury) and we get to develop some of our younger guys. I’d look to try to limit Manu to around 28 mins a game in the regular season, similar to Tim last year, to account for wear and tear. 
    Personally, I think very highly of JA. He missed a lot/nearly all of the draft workouts. I think some people had him pegged as the 2nd best SG in the draft last year and he was the Big 12 Conference player of the year (The 3 previous winners being Durant, Beasley & Griffin, so he’s obviously got some potential). Given what I’ve seen of him (Albeit a very short sample size), I think he could be atleast a very solid 2 guard in the league. He seems to have a good long ball, he looks like he’s able to create for himself and he seemed to be at the very least, competent on D. He’s got the perfect size to be a SG, so I don’t see the point in playing him at the 3. Same goes for KL, let him playing minutes at his proper position, don’t force him to play undersized and thus be judged against much bigger, stronger players.

    I think some of you guys are doing Neal a disservice. He is most definitely not just a 3 pt specialist. I would class him more as an all-round scorer and I think a competent facilitator (probably better than Hill was) but his defense is pretty poor. I think he is definitely capable of playing the PG position as a backup for 5-10 mins a game. In fairness to him, he was always guarding guys bigger than him, but if he’s playing the PG position then he’ll be better matched up.

  • Bry

    There is no chance they are going to tank a season like that. For what, a better draft pick? They win the West last year, and basically return the same team with Duncan and Ginobili’s windows closing and they should tank? How much sense does that make? They will be in a very strong position in 8 months WITHOUT tanking the season. And this year Timmy and Manu will continue to have limited minutes which allows JA, KL and Splitter all to get minutes. With Hill gone (and KL sure playing far few minutes than George did last year) there are good minutes available in the backcourt. With Dice either another year older or retired, there are also more minutes available in the front-court. Pop won’t have any trouble getting the young guys minutes. In fact, if he drops Blair and Bonner a few minutes each game (as I hope he will) Splitter may have to jump up to something like 25 min a game just to keep the frontcourt manned. This is going to be a really fun season to be an optimistic Spurs fan.

  • Tim in Surrey

    Why’s that? Are you trying to win the Over-40 league at your local YMCA?

  • Titletown99030507d

    You just said it yourself Tim and Manu’s window closing, and I’ll add so are their abilities. Timmy can’t finish at his old age because he’s been expending too much wasted energy helping out Bonner or Blair on defense every time the play.  Eyes don’t lie.  At this point of their career getting a year older doesn’t mean they’ll be better, younger or more ahetletic. We have to be reasonable here in thinking they’re going to go back in time and play like they did last year. Last year in many peoples opinion was the last year for them. That window is shut. I would rather finish in the bottom five of the league this year and get a good pick. I hear there’s a few good bigs in college waiting for next years draft, then having to see them barley get in the playoffs and loose again in the first round and get a mediocre pick. We have no one to trade next season for a KL pick again. The new CBA is allowing us to send Timmy off with 4 championships in this shortened season. I’m being realistic and appreciative in honoring Timmy in his last season. He won’t play again after this season. I think he’s just happy he didn’t miss out on all that 18 mil this year. Deep down in his mind he knows we are not winning any Championships this year or even next year but at least we’ll be better in 2012 and there on for some time to come. If the FO does things right well’ be right there again in a few years competing on a very high level with fresh good talent. Why prolong the agony  and try to juice Timmy and Manu out something they may not have anymore when you could be getting pieces after this season to start the new Spurs machine. Manu is running out of gas towards the end now. You could see it in Timmy and Manu at the end of last season. I love the Spurs as an entity and players to some extent but the Spurs future at this point mean more to me than trying to fool ourselves in thinking the core three are magically going to bring us a ring. Not happening. But I will enjoy our season regardless how they finish this season. From here on out it’s going to get exciting to see what they do this year in roster line up, how they finish, and 2012 free agency and the draft. This horrific lockout is over and now is the time to enjoy Spurs basketball in whatever they bring us. (Preferably a good pick next season)

  • Titletown99030507d

    Good points, but what I meant as a “3 point specialist” was to go in there drain some three’s with out having to make defense his priority the short time he’s in there… Bonner does it. But if they can shift him to PG when he’s in there doing his thing backing Tony up sounds very reasonable. 

  • Titletown99030507d

    I wouldn’t even throw money out to any of those. I say save our money and be thrifty for the near future meaning 2012 free agency. I got a feeling the FO aren’t going to make any big moves this season and they’re saving it for the summer of 2012. I keep saying send Timmy off in a farewell tour if he decides to make his announcement in the next few weeks and play like you want a top 5 pick in 2012, lose his contract, send RJ packing after this season and aquire no new long contracts with new players this season. You’ll get a very worthy big or PG from college next summer, and have enough money to throw at D Howard if he wants it. 
    I hope D howard would consider playing with pieces like JA, KL, Splitter, and the already great TP and Manu (in his last year for Championship presence) as well a great draft pick, not to mention players like Richards and DeColo  who are improving and very young entices him to at least think about it. 
    I’d do it in a heartbeat. With a miraculous move like that next season will no doubt keep bringing top notch free agents in this town in the Spurs future providing one person says yes.

  • javi


    You are right…it makes no sense for the Spurs to use the “Amnesty Clause” on Jefferson this year (next year might be a different question).   

    What we really need is a back-up PG. Though I think Cory Joseph is going to end up being a good player, he is definately not ready for the NBA this year. If you look at the 2011 NBA Free Agent PG’s, the list is rather slim. The only PG’s I would go after would be Garrett Temple (knows the system) T.J. Ford, or Earl Watson.

  • Tim in Surrey

    Yeah, I think the smart money is on the Spurs going all in for 2011-12 and THEN using the amnesty clause on Jefferson. With Tim’s contract expiring that would make them a player for any available free agents, and it should be a good class. Also, if the NBA does extend the age/college requirement to 20/2 years, then 2013 would be a very good year to have a lottery pick (Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, etc.).

  • Bry

    You may want to go from winning the West to becoming a bottom 5 team by tanking this season, but I don’t know anybody else who thinks that is a good idea. Apart from making what might be Timmy’s last season a needless embarrassment, you would be setting up the franchise for years of fan abandonment and contempt. SA has a very good team, and a few guys late in their careers, tanking would be one of the dumbest long-term strategies I can think of, especially when they will be sitting pretty in eight months WITHOUT doing so, and are perfectly capable of having an excellent season RIGHT NOW. You’re plan makes no sense, and would be sabotaging a good team and a couple of legacies for a CHANCE at some draft pick in 2012. Bad idea. Bad plan. Bad philosophy. And you have no idea if and when Duncan will retire. Obviously you want him to retire ASAP and pretending as if that means he will. I will enjoy this season (possibly the last) of Timmy, Manu, and Tony winning probably 65% percent of their games, executing on both ends of the court, and making us Spurs fans proud; not tanking and dumping team captains in the pursuit of pipe dreams.

  • Bry

    I don’t know why you keep hoping and planning that Timmy will retire. But, I agree, there’s no point in committing money to limited free-agents when they can just wait until the summer and go after them with a strong hand and big money. By the way, your plan to tank this season wouldn’t work too well to draw in free agents. You think Dwight Howard is going to sign with a small market team coming off a disastrous bottom-5 season??

  • Bry

    Neal is fine as a gunner off the bench, or playing with someone like Ginobili; a big guard who can handle the ball and run the offense and allow Neal to worry about scoring and only having to defend the opposing PG.

  • DorieStreet

    Due to (1) injury, (2) short time on the roster, and (3) limited playing time (due to (1) & (2) or Coach’s Decision), the Spurs’ roster has players that are  relatively unknowns in knowing their  abilities, potential, or production, with Anderson and Splitter (your guy)  heading the list. Whether it is a pipedream, a farewell tour for Duncan, or just plain Silver and Black pride, the team, front office/franchise needs to give this shortened season its  best effort. That not only benefits the fans, but helps down the line in figuring out what our team will look like in 2012-13.

    But a lot of that is up to Pop and RC. If we are going to stand pat with this roster, get everyone out on the court in meaningful game time to see if the team jells this season or just morphing into what it can become in 2012-13 and beyond.

  • DorieStreet

    Decent options. Watson has been in the league as long as Tony, so he should be able to keep the  team steady (no TOs) for 5-10 minutes a game.

    Ford has played in 3 less seasons but has had significant injuries throughout his career, but I think still has that change of pace /get to the basktet style that can get points when needed.

    Garrett: In two seasons, has been on five teams with a total of 51 games played. Can he produce if given a second chance – with more playing time- as a Spur?

  • DorieStreet

    Jones– statisticwise, he’s Bonner’s soul brother. Grant is the only one of the rest to still have some  game, but he shunned us for Phoenix to try and get his first ring.

    Pass on them all–and anybody else who has more than 10 years in the league.

  • Lvmainman

    Spurs should try to trade Tony Parker for Chris Paul. Hornets get value before Paul walks for nothing.
    Then, entice Paul and Dwight Howard to sign as free agents. Duncan might stick around for another 2 years to mentor Howard into being a champion.

  • Tim in Surrey

    AK47 or T Prince… I thought you said they really need a true center/power forward? (Oh and please take your caps off–it’s really annoying.)

  • Tim in Surrey

    No, you can only amnesty players who are on your roster right now. Any contracts you add, either through free agency, trades, or draft, aren’t eligible.

  • Camshaftthegreat88

    how about richard jefferson, and matt bonner for josh smith?

  • Jimenez70_85

    any word on splitter’s condition? did he put on the weight and muscle we’ve been asking for?

  • sneakyvolta

    no, no, no, no, no, get rid of bonner and jefferson. please!