With the 20th Pick in the NBA Draft …


… the San Antonio Spurs select the Maiasaura:

You look at Maiasaura and see an unremarkable, slow, medium-sized herbivore. That’s why you don’t work for the Spurs front office. They know that a Malasaura bone is the only fossil to thus far make the long journey into outer space, which is exactly the kind of detail that Popovich and Buford are looking for. Can I tell you for certain how it will be used, or what the implications of this fact are? No, but that’s why I’m writing this dinosaur mock draft instead of working for the Spurs.

Classic FreeDarko.

  • http://mysa.com RO

    Is there any chance the Spurs FO try to persuade Dirk Nowitzki to come join us? It be nice if he would be willing to take a huge pay cut and sighn atleast for a yr. or two.

  • RED

    @RO that’s what I’m also thinking,if Dirk would sign with us for 4 or 5 mil then get tiago for the /mle around 4-5 mil too then sign another shooter in morrow,kapono or korver around 2-3 mil.We’re still over the cap.But Dirk might be crazy to do that unless he doesn’t want to be paid for a year just onyewu.

  • BlaseE

    You have to be kidding me!?!?

    How do the Spurs draft Maiasaurus with Argentinosaurus still on the board? Send the space cadet picks to New York or something….

  • BlaseE

    Nevermind that previous BS. Does 48MoH have anyone at the combine?

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Graydon Gordian

    Tim will definitely be there. I am gonna try to make, but it’ll be tough. But Varner at the very least.

  • Fennis

    Great idea RED…why don’t we call up to our boys in Cleveland and get them to agree to a sign and trade to take RJ’s disease of a contract off our hands for Bron-Bron.

  • td4life

    I think with Dirk and Lebron added to our core, we’d be pretty good. Smart thinking!

  • Ian

    …and how about calling the boys in OKC to set up a trade for KD and Westbrook just for a good measure? We need back-ups for TP and LeBron too you know! RC can send one of Pop’s best wines to Presti as a thank-you later.

  • Kager

    Hey if Jerry West can do the Gasol trade then Presti needs to pony up with Durant so they can rebuild after the first round upset loss.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Let’s trade Bonner/Jerrells for Bosh, Tony for LeBron, and Mason/Mahinmi for Dirk. Then we’ll purchase a brontosauraus scapula to strap to Manu’s back to make him more durable. Then, with the addition of Splitter and MJ’s Hilter ‘stache, we’ll win 7 more rings in a row, cementing Duncan’s status as the greatest human ever other than Jesus.

    Seriously, hilarious post.

  • ITGuy

    Good news: only 5 months until the 2011 season starts, hang in there Spurs fans!!!!!

  • dantastic

    seriously. we need to send someone up the road to pitch championships to dirk.