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manucuLast week the Basketball Jones released an awesome t-shirt depicting half-man, half-deity Manu Ginobili in the latter form. At the Jones, Skeets and Tas have always affectionately referred to Ginobili as “the Poo God.” I asked Skeets why, having always assumed it’s because Manu is the lord of throwing up sh*t that miraculously still goes in. But he refused to tell me, saying he’d have to injure me and haven’t Spurs fans suffered enough this season. Anyways, if you like the shirt as much as I do, head over to TBJ’s Store and order one.

  • rocko.texas

    Although I appreciate the artistic effort, I’m not sure I could bring myself to purchase a shirt that says “the Poo God”, albeit in Spanish. I do not relish the idea of explaining that line.

  • GMT

    I’m in the same camp as rocko. I’m not sure how many Manu fans would buy a “Poo God” t-shirt without at least knowing what it means. I’d also like it in Argentina’s blue. I have too many black/dark shirts as it is.

  • ChillFAN

    Their site only has three T-shirts for sale, two with their logo and this one about Manu fans. Even if someone thinks poking fun of Manu-worship can pass for NBA insider savy, aren’t these the same guys who went out of their way in their Tony Parker interview to make fun of Oberto’s beard.

    Are these guys from Argenitina? Are they just out of touch with what passes for humor in the U.S.?
    Is the NBA getting royalties for these shirts?
    But a better question is, why would you try to hawk this T-shirt on a site full of Manu fans?

    Please, please no more from these guys. And no more posts about Spurs fans chanting MVP for Kobe, either. They are both huge mistakes.

  • Graydon Gordian


    To answer your questions:

    They are from Toronto. The NBA doesn’t get royalties; Skeets and Tas are just video-bloggers (and Skeets runs the Yahoo! Sports blog Ball Don’t Lie) selling some t-shirts on the side. And I am hawking it on 48MoH because I think it is funny.

    I am honestly surprised you dislike the Jones boys so much. In fact, of all the NBA generalists out there, I think Skeets and Tas are some of the most appreciative of the Spurs. They’ve been calling Manu “the poo god” for years. I don’t think it ever had much to do with Manu-worship. I think it was just a goofy nickname they gave to a player they like. They are humorists: they expression affection through mockery.

    The same goes for the Parker interview. They were just having some fun with him.

    Also, if Spurs fans are ever legitimately chanting “MVP” for Kobe (although, as was eventually agreed, they weren’t in the most recent Spurs/Lakers game), it is not a topic I will shy away from. Just because the fans do something that may be disappointing is not a good reason to ignore it.

  • John

    I’ll take part of what Graydon said about the meaning…we all know “sh*t happens” and Manu throws up ridiculous crap constantly and makes it. Plus something sh*tty always happens to Manu (see ankles), so that would be my guess. Either way, who cares? It’s funny! But I wish the shirt wasn’t in black. Now in white, I’d buy.

  • kalone

    i just found out about the jones guys, and i’ve already subscribed to the podcast. i download the new episode every morning before i leave for work, and i try to listen to espn nba daily after it’s over to keep the basketball going, but it’s not the same (though, admittedly good).

    long short, i like what they do, even if they mailed it in for monday’s show.

    i would love to own one of these shirts, but i can’t buy one. i just don’t get it, and i haven’t been listening long enough to be in on the joke. i wonder if it has something to do with the small pooping figurines that some Spanish people add to their nativity scenes, but i have no idea. that’s how puzzled i am by this.

    if you, graydon, could just tell someone over there that they’d be guaranteed to sell at least one more shirt if they let out the big in-joke, i’d appreciate it.

    praise be manu.
    you ain’t a beauty, but hey you’re all right.

  • Latin_D

    It’s a pet peeve of mine, but what really bothers me is the Spanglish. Why not “the poo God”? It’s so annoying to me when people “Spanishize” a phrase by translating only a couple of words… If you’re going to translate it, just write “el dios caca”.

    Anyway. Nice art, but definitely wouldn’t buy something that implies Manu’s made of shit.

  • ChillFAN

    Graydon, appreciate your comments. Love this site, love NBA talk, certainly trust your judgement as well. I promise to give the Jones boys another chance. I’m old, it’s probably my sense of humor that is off. Perhaps “poo” is the new “shizzle” and no one told me.

  • Hank McCoy

    Ever been to your granny’s house and and seen the doll that usually sits on a toilet roll, usually with a knitted dress covering the roll? This doll is often referred to as a ‘Poo God’ meaning at times when one finds themselves constipated, You pray to the ‘God’ to help relieve oneself.
    Much as Manu is to the Spurs, When they need a big bucket or the game is on the line the Spurs pray to the ‘Poo God’ to get them over the line.
    Best believe I’m rocking one of these Tee’s, not only is the Artwork amazing but the story behind it makes it that much better.

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