4-Down Podcast, Episode 62: Spurs sweep their way to yet another NBA Finals


The San Antonio Spurs swept aside the Memphis Grizzlies in a little easier fashion than most of us anticipated as we made our predictions for the Western Conference Finals. Now, 14 years after his first NBA Finals appearance, Tim Duncan is back for an attempt at ring No. 5.

For now, we wait on the outcome of the Eastern Conference Finals, where the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are locked up 2-2 in a hell of a series. The Finals don’t begin until June 6 (!!!) so we have plenty of time to deliberate and prognosticate, so keep checking in with 48 MoH for all Spurs coverage. In this episode of the 4-Down Podcast, Andrew McNeill and I discussed Tony Parker’s big night and his NBA Rank standing, Duncan’s excellence and whether or not we’re seeing the last of the Big Fundamental.

  • Dave McNulla

    Nice podcast. I got time. If you post them, I’ll listen.

    – Listener #8

  • meong

    i listened to the whole podcast. i love this team and i wish they could go on playing forever but yeah, there’s this undercurrent, this feeling that this run is pretty special for duncan and the whole team and it’s sad. him retiring at the end of this season. that’s all kind of sadness.

  • Andy Ybarra

    I think he’d wanna go out like the Admiral did in 2003, then reservedly ride off into the sunset. I hope the team and the city will keep pounding the stone til we crack number 5. GO SPURS GO!
    -Listener #9

  • Vicki

    An Aussie spurs fan and first time listener of your podcast you can now say you have eight listeners. I look forward to next podcast. If Timmy retired and we won the championship I would wish him all the best. I would love Tim to go out this way and your point about his knee is well made.

  • bababo

    You’re reading too much into Duncan’s situation

  • Tim

    Listener #9 here. Great podcast, as always – the comments may not be entirely representative of your followers, as I rarely actually post comments. With that said, I didn’t contemplate it until you guys just mentioned it, but this could actually be Duncan’s last year. It would be entirely fitting for him to go out as a champion, a la Robinson in 2003.

  • assistman

    Tim has said he’ll play until the wheels fall off, not until the wheels could fall off some day in the next two years. If they win, I doubt he’ll pass up a chance to defend the title. He’s currently all-NBA first team and in great form. Medical technology is clearly working in his favor. Additionally, in some ways he’s still showing improvement (his shooting). I think he really enjoys being a player-coach and competing. I have no reason to think he doesn’t plan on finishing out his contract….

    As for the narrative about doing it for Timmy, I think it’s more about the fact that his window is obviously short and the last 5 seasons ended in disappointment so the hunger is there. THE INTENT OF THAT MESSAGE IS THAT THIS REALLY IS A VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY, AND TO INFECT THAT HUNGER INTO THE REST OF THE TEAM. It’s a motivational technique very common in sports! It’s apparent to me that the Spurs are the hungriest team in these playoffs, and that only Durant was close to Timmy’s level in that regard, although some guys (like Manu, Bryant, Nate Robinson) are nearly always right about there

    Tynan mentioned if we get Tiago back… I’d say Ferry and Coach Bud are a big threat to make him an offer, saving money at center to buy a front court anchored by Smith, Horford, and Splitter, and then add, say Tony Allen to Teague, Lou Williams, and maybe even Stephen Jackson and the Russian shooter Sergey Karasev. The Hawks and Blazers are a threat to steal him. Watch out.

  • antshrike1

    No way Duncan is leaving after this year after how he has played this year. Coach Bud just got hired by Atlanta and we know Pop is out the door when Timmy retires and Bud would probably have replaced Pop. Ergo, Duncan is staying.

  • Kenner311

    I don’t think Timmy is going out this season. They talk like they all need to win one for him, but I think they’re saying that because they understand not to take their elite status for granted. They know that they are good enough to win the title this year with no injuries, and next year might not be the same. Just look at OKC.


    Proves how smart the Spurs staff is…they have (are) turning once the least effective shot in the game and teaching, training, and making it an efficient, prominent part of their offense. When other teams are focusing on the standard, the Spurs are improving upon the abnormal. And if that doesn’t work, that’s OK, they are proficient, if it’s given in a game, to be effective with the norm.

    As far as Parker’s range from assist leader to scoring phenom depending on game, it just goes to show how progressed in court awareness Tony has become in his career.

    Agreed…it’s not easy to win a championship. But for some reason this feels like their first championship run. They seem to be peeking and playing at their highest level.

    If the Spurs can win another championship this year, who or what top star in free agency could/might decide to play for the Spurs knowing that, in the closing window of Duncan’s career, and knowing how well this team plays according to system, would decide to join the team for a legitimate championship run for the near future when Timmy is still on the team? If the Spurs could land another premier post player that could spell Duncan’s minutes during a game the team would have both…top perimeter players and a solidified post. If players think that way, and not for so much for the money, the Spurs could easily be favorites the next two years to win another title after this year.

    It has been incredible. Can’t say I would not be disappointed if they don’t win it all this year. But will always feel and know this team is the upper echelon of sports franchises to ever grace the face of the sporting world. To that, we as fans are blessed to be their fan and will always have their success, brilliance and memories to warm our hearts for the rest of our lives.

  • TheFG21

    <—- #10??

    Since I landed in 48moh – about a month ago – Im a hard core follower of this community and love it.

  • TheFG21

    NBA GM’s Survey before 2012-2013 Season…

    San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich has won two NBA Coach of the Year awards and according to NBA GMs, he could be in line for another this season. However, most GMs do not give the Spurs a shot at winning title number five or even the Western Conference.

    The annual NBA GM survey has been released and coach Pop was picked as the hands down best head coach in the league with a whopping 80% of the votes. Boston’s Doc Rivers came in second with 13.3% of the GMs votes. Pop also was voted as the best motivator/manager of players with 60% of the votes. He also was voted as the best at making in-game adjustments with 40% of the votes.

    Continuing, Pop also was tied with Rick Adelman for second place at running the best offense on the NBA with 27.6% of the votes. This might be a bit surprising considering Pop is seen as more of a defensive coach. Pop finished second at having the best defensive schemes in the NBA with 10% of the votes behind Tom Thibodeau.

    Here is how the Spurs fared in the survey:

    The Heat, Lakers and Thunder were picked as the top-three teams to win it all this season. The Spurs didn’t place in this section.

    The Lakers, Thunder and Nuggets (not San Antonio) were picked to win the West by the GMs participating in the survey.

    The Spurs were the overwhelming pick to win the Southwest Division by 96.7% over the Grizzlies.

    Many Spurs fans feel Kawhi Leonard will have a breakout season but not the GMs. Warriors’ Klay Thompson was picked to have a breakout season while Leonard didn’t receive a vote.

    Tony Parker was voted as the fourth best point guard in the NBA behind Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo. He also received votes as one of the fastest players with the ball.

    Manu Ginobili received votes as the best shooting guard in the NBA but Kobe Bryant was voted as the top shooting guard in the NBA. He (and Tony Parker) also received votes as the best international player but Dirk Nowitzki ran away with the votes with 72.4%. Ginobili also finished third (tied with Kyle Korver) as the best player at moving without the ball.

    Tim Duncan received some votes as the best power forward but Kevin Love was voted as the top power forward.

    The Spurs also finished as the fifth best defensive team in the NBA receiving 3.3% of the votes.

    Spurs’ Brett Brown and Mike Budenholdzer also received votes as best assistant coaches in the league. Coach Bud finished second behind Brian Shaw with 23.3% of the votes.

    San Antonio also tied with the Clippers, and Warriors at fourth place as a team most fun to watch. I know, shocking!

    Danny Green and Matt Bonner received votes at being one of the best players at making the most of limited natural ability.

    Duncan and Ginobili were voted as two of the toughest players in the league. In my opinion, Manu should have been voted much higher. The duo were also voted as the best leaders. TD finished third tied with Chauncey Billups, and LeBron James with 10.3% of the votes. They were also voted as being one of the best players with the highest basketball IQs. TD finished with second with 13.8% while Manu finished with 6.9% of the votes.

    Im just gonna say… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • td4life

    Spurs, to the rest of the league: “Yeah, what?”

  • Tess

    1. The Thunder were still the favorites to win the West, right up until Westbrook went down. But yeah, the Lakers’ utter failure was a surprise to nearly everyone.

    2. All the GMs who didn’t vote for Kawhi as the breakout player were right. He’s a terrific player, but he’ll need to create a lot more of his own offense (and get more shots) to become a household name.

    3. Tony as 4th best PG? Some of those votes should change this offseason. Unless you’re voting for Derrick Rose despite not having seen him play for a year, there’s no excuse for voting Tony worse than second, and a pretty good case for making him #1.

    He should also get more votes as best international player (after the Mavs sank without a trace), and some votes for toughest player, best leader, and highest BBIQ.

    4. Kevin Love as best PF? lol

    5. Fifth best defensive team was a pretty good guess.

    6. Coach Bud deserves his opportunity and I wish him good luck in Atlanta, but why on earth isn’t Brian Shaw a head coach as well yet?

  • Titletown99030507d

    Thats what I’m thinking. But if we win it all this go round well it’s only fair to let him get the money. He doesn’t have a lot years left as well to make his money. Let the bidding begin.

  • td4life

    Just listened to a pair of Grantland podcasts (Jalen Rose part 1, and Steve Kerr) and there’s some great praise for TP. Jalen and Kerr both have him as top 5 player in the NBA. Jalen emphatically has him top 3, Kerr voted him first team All-NBA ahead of Bryant and superior to CP3, and Simmons recounts how he’s one of very, very few players that makes Magic gasp with glee (and that most star players don’t impress Magic at all).

    Kerr also agrees with Simmons that TD you have to pick TD over Bryant, Shaq, and KG as the best player of his generation.


    Also a story about Kawhi and Indy George:

  • td4life

    Steve Kerr also recounts some great stories about the special and unique privilege of playing in San Antonio and for Spur’s fans.

  • td4life

    Kevin Love best PF? ROFL!!!

    And I’m suprised how many people continue to think the Thunder would have been the favorites to win the West even with Westbrook, the fact is they got worse late last summer, and the Spurs are a much improved defensive (and therefor playoff) team this year. I tend to be pretty bearish on the Spurs, but I wanted payback versus OKC and felt completely confident about that matchup.

  • Mac Mac

    @JalenRose’s tweets from a few day ago:

    “Hate it or love it…Parker IS the 3rd best player in the ENTIRE NBA. Period. Behind only LBJ & KD.”

    “Like I said, Parker is #3 right now. KB had his great run. TP HAS/IS putting in more
    work than all others in the conversation. Fact. #NBA”

  • Bradley Ensley

    I would love to see timmy go with a championship but I would hate to see him leave as well all ive known growing up watching the spurs is tim Duncan. but im sure will get through it.

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