Spurs waive Danny Green


It was fun while it lasted, but it didn’t last long. The San Antonio Spurs announced on Tuesday that the team waived Danny Green.

The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they have waived guard/forward Danny Green. Green was signed by the Spurs on November 17 and appeared in two games, averaging 3.0 points in 4.5 minutes.

The Spurs roster now stands at 12.

But he had a career-high six points against the Cavs on Saturday.

So who’s next to audition for the role of backup small forward? There aren’t any job listings on Monster for backup small forwards in San Antonio, TX, so the team may still be going over their internal list.

I’ll let you know when / if they start an outside search.

  • jerry

    well, jerry stackhouse just been waived so maybe he is the target, wouldnt be bad to have another shooter like him until anderson gets back, as a matter of fact, im calling it here that the spurs will sign jerry stackhouse

  • Casey

    Jerry- I bet you are Jerry Stackhouse, and you already have a deal in place to sign and you’re just secretly telling spurs fans here. Gasp! I’m on to you..

  • Dragon Pride

    Is that dude still alive? I guess the Spurs are so deep it really doesnt matter who they bring in.If he’s got a pulse he will do!

  • GMT

    I’m a bit disappointed by this. I thought Green might be able to stick. He’s like Gee, but already has the aspects in his game that we wanted Gee to improve. I wouldn’t exactly welcome Stackhouse, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we go for him. I think it would make more sense if we got new of his signing (or anyone else’s) before waiving Green, though.

  • gandhim2001

    as a duke alum, can’t say i’m sad to see him go. and we won’t have to worry about a silly HoP pre-game dance.

  • micah

    Please…Please…Please…For the love…not Jerry Stackhouse. But I have a feeling its inevitable too.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Perhaps a call up from the Toros is in the near future? My guess is that Marcus Cousin (6’11”, 255) will get a look. He’s averaging 20/12 with 3 bpg in 32 mpg and only 2.5 personal fouls. Plus he’s shooting 59% FG’s and 89% FT’s. Those kind of numbers will get you a 10 day contract for sure. It’s not like we need another big persay, but if we decide we need a bruiser big, I vote for Cousin over a Dampier-type guy.

    Spurs can only have a 12 player roster for 2 weeks, so I’m sure a D-League call up would be cheap and easy.

  • Nick (Italy)


    Paul Harris, anyone?
    An atrocious shooter? Check
    Way too short for a SF? Check
    Undrafted who just missed one year beacause of injury? Check

    However he’s a beast and could serve well as 10 MPG defensive specialist, especially if paired with shooters/scorers (Neal, Bonner, etc)

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  • BlaseE

    I might have some tunnel vision as a Spurs fan, but it seems like the Spurs evaluate players to a greater extent than most teams. If the Spurs give 15 guys 10 day contracts over a 3 year period and 1 or 2 of them stick, the media are like, “The Spurs found another one.” They don’t give our franchise enough credit in the effort we put into getting good looks at all of these guys and scouring every possible avenue for role players.

    Gary Neal, James White, Anthony Tolliver, Pops Mensah Bonsu, Marcus Williams, Curtis Jerrells, Cedric Jackson, Marcus Cousin, Blake Ahearn, Marcus Haislip, Alonzo Gee, Garrett Temple, Danny Green, and on and on….all of these guys coming to us undrafted, D league draft, DL call ups, or after given up on by another team.

    Kirk Penney could have been Gary Neal. He played lights out in the worlds and the Spurs gave him a shot. He didn’t stick, but that’s more initiative than the other 29 teams showed towards him.


    Not sure why we would call up Marcus Cousin when he is getting valuable minutes in Austin where our organization is already evaluating him while the Spurs can’t even find minutes for Splitter.

  • jason

    Houston’s been trying to buy out jarred jeffreys for a while now, he’d be a great fit for the spurs

  • grego

    @BlaseE – not call up, but actually sign Cousin, who is playing very well in Austin so he doesn’t get swiped by another team. It’s important since McDyess probably won’t play another year.

  • idahospur

    You will update us when the Spurs post the job listing for the small forward, right? I would be happy to get paid for watching two Spurs games.

    Here’s an idea, all these Spurs fans on this site can just let Pop and the crew know where they live, then they can sign you for when they come to play there. I currently live in Utah so if the Spurs play the Jazz, I would sign on for a one game deal. Win-Win!

  • rob

    Meh. It’s probably not going to be anybody who gets very much (if any) playing time.

  • SpursfanSteve

    I’m with Idahospur on this one. Even though they dont play @OKC again this year, I would be willing to pay my own travel to get to chicago, new orleans, dallas, houston, phoenix, memphis…just for the courtside seats.

    I look damn good in a suit, too.

  • lvmainman

    Puzzling that the Spurs let him go so fast. They must really be penny-pinching to stay under the salary tax threshold, if they’re refusing to sign a 13th player long term.

    Thought Danny Green was a better fit than Alonzo Gee.

  • Jimbo

    Marc Stein of ESPN saying the Spurs are picking up Ime Udoka again…

  • agutierrez

    It’s being posted that the Spurs are signing Ime Udoka. Not sure why … but?

  • Mitch
  • Nadeem

    udoka would be a solid pickup. Liked him when he played for us. Can be of good help in improving our defense in spot minutes.

  • Mitch
  • Gomezd
  • Frank

    Mario West. Wouldn’t hurt to have more defense. He can guard and harass the best of ’em. And makes hustle plays with rebounds, steals, etc

  • grego

    I was thinking Udoka would be signed before Green was. This makes sense since he’s familiar with the defense.

  • jason

    The anti-stackhouse chorus gets their wish: the spurs are re-acquiring ime udoka with the 13th spot. Finally, someone on the team who can be refferred to as a defensive specialist – cause he has no offensive game

  • manufan

    Finally someone young with obvious potential. Vintage Pop.

  • Jacques

    Udoka sounds nice, but he probably sit on the bench until the final minute…

  • rob

    This is a different team from the last time Udoka played. And I can see him getting some spot minutes but don’t see him getting as many minutes as he got when first on the team unless he can play like the Udoka that first came to the Spurs.

    Udoka looked promising at first when on the Spurs then declined in dependability. If he can be the Udoka that played like he did when he first played it will be a good pick up. If he plays like the Udoka in the latter stages of his first time with the Spurs…not much to be excited about.

    I wonder if he’s out of shape and/or how long it will take for him to get into shape?

  • rob


    “Lamar Odom vs. Ime Udoka

    Udoka hasn’t seen the minutes this year that he was getting at the end of last season and rightfully so: His play has fallen off a tad. But he may see a decent amount of time this evening as no Spur matches up as well against Lamar Odom as Udoka. He has the size to bang with Lamar on the block. He has the quickness to pursue him to the perimeter. No other Spur has the ability to handle both these assignments.”

    This is the Udoka I’d like to see.

  • spurchief

    Udoka can do two things we need: backup Jefferson with a solid defender at SF and hit corner 3s. I think this season has been one long audition for guys who can do that, from Gee to Temple to Green. Pop finally said “Screw it, we know a guy who can do that” and RC called Udoka’s agent.

    He may be a better fit now than he was before. He’s really the only offensively challenged player on the team right now (notice I am not counting Blair). He can play 15 minutes a game at 2 or 3 and slow down the other team’s wing scorer.

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